Register for FREE guest access today. Carried out breakfasts are by far the most expensive occasion in the category with an average cost of 82p. Nielsen data, which includes on-the-go purchases, shows breakfast drink sales are up 7.5% this year [52 w/e 15 June 2019]. The pots (rsp: £1.30/65g) are already listed in 550 Co-op stores and will be available on Amazon and via the brand’s website in coming weeks. Vegan brand Holy Moly launched its Breakfast Avocado spread in August, containing avocado, tomato, lime and salt and pepper, with the tagline ‘perfect on toast’. Product Type • RTE Market, 2019-2029 ... Table 26 UK: Breakfast Cereal Market Size, By Distribution Channel (US$ Mn AGR%, CAGR%), 2019-2029 In response, cereal brands are adding NPD with more than just ‘low sugar’ claims. Moorish isn’t the only brand to spot an opportunity in Britain’s obsession with avocado on toast. Headlines around the sugar content of cereals and their processed nature - they were among the processed foods linked to early death in the May BMJ article - haven’t exactly helped perceptions. • Awareness regarding health benefits of consuming grain-based breakfasts is further supporting the growth of the market • Rise in vegetarianism is also influencing the market positively.

And many consumers are willing to pay well beyond that price tag, according to a poll of 776 consumers by Streetbees. But looking at the factors driving growth in brunch, it’s easy to see why its popularity might be fading.

Also the demand for organic cereals and rising health awareness among consumers is contributing. The volume of all outputs rose by 1% between 2018 and 2019 4. In the out-of-home arena, brunchers are getting more experimental with dishes like Sherpa’s breakfast with dahl and spinach, or a Peruvian brunch with sea bream.It means consumers are likely to be more receptive to unusual NPD such as Itsu’s. Plant-based category report 2020, As cheap as chips: pasta category report 2020, Return of the slobs: personal care category report 2020. Retailer lines have gained £9.2m – equating an extra 1.6 million kilos – with lower average prices than the big names.

“Carried-out is the fastest growing breakfast occasion in the UK,” says Nestlé’s Baker. Further increasing usage of calcium and sodium alginate fibers for wound care is also a major factor resulting to the increase in the demand for alginate.
Still, even in this more traditional area, there is growth to be had. Lee suggests looking to London-based restaurant Caravan for inspiration. Huel Ready-To-Drink Chocolate | Launched: August 2019 | Manufacturer: Huel | Boasting 20g of plant-based protein and 27 essential vitamins and minerals per 500ml bottle (rsp: £3.08), Huel’s latest chocolate RTD targets time-poor, health-conscious consumers looking for a nutritional breakfast on the go. Indeed, there are a whopping 24.2 million #brunch posts on Instagram. Major Market Players: Kellogg’s Company, General Mills, Inc., Quaker Oats, Nestlé S.A., MOM Brands, Weetabix Limited, Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods Inc., Post Holdings, Inc, Annie’s Homegrown, Kashi, Barbara’s Bakery, Abbott Nutrition, Alara Whole Foods Ltd., Carman’s Fine Foods, Bagrrys India Ltd., Marico Limited, Pepsico, Inc., Nature Foods Company, Cereal Partners Worldwide (CPW), Family Cereal, MCKEE FOODS, The Jordans & Ryvita Company, TreeHouse Foods, Nature’s Path Foods, and Earth’s Best. United Biscuits’ sales slide amid competition and promotions, Kellogg upgrades sales forecast on demand for Pringles and cereal, Holy Moly makes breakfast move with Overnight Oats launch, So long, soya? • Consumers are preferring on-the-go breakfasts. That’s even higher than weekend brunch and a whopping 30.2% higher than the total average breakfast, which comes in at 63p. However, health is an increasingly complex concept, notes Nestlé marketing director Toby Baker.

The Grocer’s Top Products 2019: Brand on the run? Fresh bacon lost 17.6 million occasions in the past year, while eggs fell by 20.8 million. Indeed, Moma says its porridge sachets contributed the majority of its 17.6% value growth. But it’s not all about glamorous restaurants with impressive skylines. • Breakfast cereals provides a healthy breakfast option and can be consumed with milk and fresh fruits. That presents a strong opportunity to grow the market. That’s inspiring NPD. There’s Nestlé’s Oat Cheerios, which contain less than 5% sugar. “We know that millennials are the drivers of the brunch trend, and groups of younger women in particular want to be seen as fitting in with that affluent, sophisticated group. Despite the UK oat area rising 16% in 2020 to 211Kha, ... 2019/20 and 2020/21: Grain Market Daily.
On-the-go options are another area of growth. There were 349 million such occasions over the past year, up 32.8%.

Indeed, the top six have all shed volumes. The past year has seen a continuous wave of health-led launches like Kellogg’s Special K Protein cereal bars, Alpen’s protein bars and Graze’s Wow Bakes, which hit shelves in May, touting less than 100 calories per portion. Still, consumers are increasingly looking to give it the personalised treatment. Kantar found breakfast drinks dropped 13.9% in value on volumes down 6.1%. They were wrong. Nut butter brand Pip & Nut says 65% of consumers add peanut butter to their porridge, based on its survey of 1,500 shoppers with women’s health channel Healthista.