Sometimes you love a fragrance so much that you use it sparingly. One part of it is tonka bean the other seems like a praline accord. I have begun to look forward to new iterations because an artist like Hr. AJ1515 I was thinking of pulling the trigger on this one as well. I have nothing to compare it to. Fragrantica® Inc, San Diego, CA United States. The difference with independent perfumers doing it is there is more chance of a different spin. If anyone knows of some way to include a ‘live’ blogroll widget on WordPress, please get in touch. Figured I love my LDDM, ACDD, and Rose Kandahar, this one would most likely follow suit. The site is not affiliated in any way to any brands, wholesalers, retailers or organisations involved with the fragrance industry. Please feel free to write to me at persolaise at gmail dot com or by using the email form on my Contact page. Top notes are Fennel, Bergamot, Sicilian Lemon and Lavender; middle notes are Herbal Notes, Bourbon Geranium and Orange Blossom; base notes are Sea Notes, Tonka Bean, Cedar and Amber. I smelled a 2ml decant for a couple days on my hand. Independent perfume reviews and thoughts on the world of scent from a multi award winning writer, Tauer Phtaloblue perfume review by award-winning critic Persolaise (Andy Tauer, 2020). Phtaloblue has 8-10 hour longevity and average sillage. Re: Phtaloblue by Tauer Just got the email and came here to see if anyone had started a thread on it. Entitled Tauer Phtaloblue, it marks Andy Tauer‘s brave foray into the world of aquatic scents. Alternatively, if you'd prefer to support me using PayPal, please click on the button below. It is Andy’s Aquatic. Not what I was expecting at all, but so far, I can't stop smelling where I sprayed. Get out of here! 22 & Coromandel Review, Tom Ford Tuscan Leather Intense Review - 2019, Top 10 Best Frederic Malle Perfumes - Super Scent, My Top 10 Perfumes - Celebrating 10 Years Of Persolaise. It's a cold sea in the southern Pacific or north Atlantic. Excited to give this a try, love most of Andy's creations and this sounds like something I … If you are familiar with Clearwater, a 2016 solid cologne from Fulton & Roark, you’ll immediately recognize that scent in this perfume. It is that sunny high-altitude accord associated with it. 5 with A spicy-green aromatic marine fragrance with fennel and brine? A different aquatic scent. Disclosure: This review is based on a sample from Tauer Perfumes. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. All reviews are entirely independent. I believe many of the below have some kind of subscription function that works either through email or social media, so perhaps you could use that to receive updates about new posts. Phtaloblue will accompanying you through your day redefining the aquatic genre." Learn how your comment data is processed. Your email address will not be published. It is very unique, even hypnotic. Uh, it's hard to say.. definitely aquatic, but not in the traditional sense, or else I wouldn't love it. This scent relies on notes of fennel and sea notes to deliver a fresh, aromatic and warm weather aroma. They both seem to have an almost identical note or combination of notes that come from geranium and sea notes. Its scent is reminiscent of either sunscreen or Windex, can't decide which. Recently a different breed of aquatic has sprung up eschewing Calone. I wonder if every successful independent perfumer has a checklist of styles they want to make. The Sunday Magazine: The Only Gaijin in the Village by Iain Maloney, New Perfume Reviews Amouage Enclave and Crimson Rocks- Fjords and Honey, New Perfume Review Tiffany & Co.- Holly Golightly 2017, Dead Letter Office: Donna Karan Chaos- Twice Canceled, New Perfume Review Estee Lauder Beautiful Absolu- Editing a Big Floral, New Perfume Review Vilhelm Chicago High- Looking for the 20’s, New Perfume Review Olfactive Studio Rose Shot and Iris Shot- Two From a Dynamic Duo, New Perfume Review Olfactive Studio Violet Shot- Creativity Renewed, New Perfume Review Memo Sintra- Covert Pleasures. Tauer could come up with. The base takes a fascinating turn towards a toasted nuttiness. Your review could be the ultimate deciding factor. I have commented that I think there must be a set of new materials within this genre. It is a sweet nutty scent arising from the briny pool. I’ve read everyone’s reviews with astonishment. This is a version of aquatic as only a perfumer like Hr. 90 votes. I have been a regular columnist for Esprit Magazine and ParfumPlus. So this is different! Against the background of this big ocean is a wholly surprising mélange of citrus, flowers, and herbs. Then he gives it a twist with fennel. My knowledge and expertise have been recommended by the Financial Times, the BBC, The Guardian, The Observer, Die Zeit and several other publications. Please feel free to bring any errors/problems to my attention using the Contact page. A floral transition of orange blossom and geranium adds a freshness. To read my award winning London Perfume Shopping Guide, please click here. The early moments of lavender and lemon will make you think “cologne”. You know, I am going to have a hard time choosing which Tauer to buy next. This is the sea but with a lot of seaweed. Meanwhile, soft spices and beachy accords give this fragrance a solid base. Hr. One comment I didn’t make in the video is that it’s wonderful to see Tauer refusing to rest on his laurels. Online right now: 2055, Fragrantica in your language: out of Phtaloblue was launched in 2020. Now Smell This To find out what I made of it, please click on this link: Tauer Phtaloblue review. Required fields are marked *, Copyright © 2014-2020 Colognoisseur, All Rights Reserved. Between June and August 2019, this site was moved from Blogger to WordPress, which may have caused some links and functions to become inactive. In the first of several Love At First Scent videos broadcast yesterday (links to which will appear here in the days to come) I talked about the latest release from the wizard of Zurich. Please read the Terms of Service and Privacy policy. There is no advertising or 'sponsored' content on this site. 7.3 / 10 76 Ratings Phtaloblue is a new perfume by Tauer Perfumes for women and men and was released in 2020. This poolside inspired scent is too boring for an Andy scent...and that's the real reason to feel blue. If you'd described this to me out of the blue (no pun intended), I would have asked you what you were smoking and if I could have any. The search box above should help you find any content you’re looking for. Instead of a gentle, walk on the beach freshness, the smell is more akin to some kind of teal-colored candle you'd buy at a mall. And that’s why he remains one of the most important creators on the independent scene. "Surrender to an eau de parfum encapsulating the nativeness and briskness of a day at the sea. All posts are free for everyone to read. I have written for The Sunday Times, Wallpaper*, Business Traveller, Grazia, Feelunique, Glass, The Scented Letter, and Now Smell This, amongst others. I’m only just smelling this on my wrist for the first time but that is what came to mind right off. One comment I didn’t make in the video is that it’s wonderful to see Tauer refusing to rest on his laurels. Grain De Musc All rights reserved. Some reviews are based on samples provided by brands; others are based on samples obtained by the author. this is quite repulsive vs the other Tauer creations which I enjoyed sampled.. Think of a cold beach, with green algae left on the shore. Phtaloblue has 8-10 hour longevity and average sillage. Tauer never submits to convention and this is yet another example. Tauer has been one of the most influential indies because he has always managed to find something different in the most generic of styles. Andy Tauer Anyone tried it yet? The claims that I made on the Men’s Biz website bear repeating, and in fact, they are worthy of further elucidation: What’s apparent is two things: Tauer has made a stylistic shift, now reinventing classic genres (viz. Phtaloblue is fresh and bright with elegant citrus and herbaceous notes, and at the same time rich and deep with balsamic woody and floral accords.