The recipes have been well tested and will work for you and your family every time! The dish of gemista consists of vegetables, more commonly tomatoes and green peppers but also aubergines, onions, and zucchinis, stuffed with a rice and herbs filling, baked in the oven and served with copious amounts of feta cheese. No respectable Greek tavern excludes shrimp saganaki from its menu, so you can find this one-of-a-kind dish pretty much everywhere. *_*. Address: 206, Syggrou Avenue, Athens, Email: emailProtector.addCloakedMailto("ep_4b827f4a", 1);, Phone: +302109567326 / +1 530 495 4340. Alex Overhiser is an acclaimed food photographer and author based in Indianapolis. Avoid refrigerating it if possible, since tomatoes tend to lose flavor when refrigerated. Although its official name is mpriam, tourlou tourlou has prevailed, due to the fact that in Greek, it is a slang term that stands for ‘everything all mixed up together’. Tourlou tourlou - credits: VICUSCHKA/ Copyright Thanks for following along on our journey to Greece! Alternatively, if homemade Greek food is not what you’re after and you'd much rather explore the Athenian street food scene, thoroughly explained also in our Athens travel guide, the Local’s Athens Street food tour will unveil all the street food secrets you will possibly need for a tasty stay in Greece. A big thank you to all our visitors who took the time to submit reviews on our tours. One of the most popular and beloved Greek summer foods, gemista are a staple to every Greek’s home. It is generally consumed with a splash of water or over ice, although some fans drink it straight. Hope you have a nice week :) Athens for Foodies: A Greek Gastronomy Tour, CULINARY & WINE, FAMILY TRAVEL, LOCAL EXPERIENCE, ATHENS - SMALL GROUP, PRIVATE -HALF DAY, Authentic Cretan Cooking Class in Chania including transfers, CRETE - SMALL GROUP, PRIVATE -FULL DAY, From Chania: Cretan Wine and Olive Oil Tour, SIGHTSEEING, CULINARY & WINE, LOCAL EXPERIENCE, Greece for Foodies: 12-day Trip to Athens, Peloponnese & Crete, SIGHTSEEING, CULINARY & WINE, FAMILY TRAVEL, LOCAL EXPERIENCE, ATHENS, PELOPONNESE, CRETE - PRIVATE -11 DAYS, Heraklion for Foodies: Private Culinary Tour in Crete, CRETE - PRIVATE -HALF DAY, ©2020. Keftethes are the perfect choice to really capture the flavor of Greece. They are stuffed vine leaves -we’re nothing if not resourceful as a nation- that consist of rice mixed with spring onions, red onions, garlic and other herbs depending on preference, which get cooked in the pot and are served with tzatziki, plain yogurt or a sauce made of yogurt and mint. Lamb is essential for a truly authentic Greek meal. Of course, apart from full-on meals, Greeks have special snacks reserved for summer. Baked Feta with Tomatoes Serve it with a block of feta cheese and enjoy your trip to flavorville! ​ has been awarded the TripAdvisor® Certificate My boyfriend is extremely culinarly sheltered but I’m trying to broaden his horizons. I think I’m going to recreate this entire feast for him this weekend! I know it sounds weird, but don’t knock till you try it! As a finale of the recipes we’ve been posting over the past few weeks, we’ve included them here as a menu for a summer day or evening: Authentic Tzatziki (Greek Yogurt Cucumber Dip) with pita and/or vegetables A semi homemade baklava dessert and more! Get in touch with our travel specialists and design the trip of your dreams! Check out the recipe for traditional yemista here. Dolmadakia - credits: A Lein/ A Bonnier Corporation Company. Athens by Night Food Tour & Wine Tasting This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Equally traditional and a personal favorite, dolmadakia are delectable as they are addictive, due to their small size and incredibly high yummy factor. Thanks for following along on our journey to Greece! Making the tzatziki and baklava cups in advance helps with the preparation. This looks so delicious Sonja and Alex!, I love this great mediterranean feast! After sitting for a while, it will harden, which makes it hard to eat as a dip. Along with the bikinis, sunglasses, and cold coffees, a must for the summer months, are the Greek summer recipes that are equal parts light, nutritious, and delicious! I grew up on most of these exact dishes and love how fresh and flavorful this type of food is. Try using a Greek honey infused with thyme or rosemary for a more pronounced floral sweetness, or swap out the vodka for ouzo for an intoxicating punch of licorice flavor. This menu is so lovely and takes me home. Despite being a food that most kids tend to avoid, which I’m pretty sure happens because it doesn't come in a McDonald's bag, it is a summer favorite for adults as it is light, refreshing and easy to make! This post is filled with FOUR full recipes for a mezze platter, greek panzanella, lemon garlic shrimp & salmon and linguini with lemon, capers and burrata! It is usually served as a starter, but can be eaten as a main course ass well, and goes flawlessly with bread to soak up the delicious excess sauce off the plate. Also, similarly to the aforementioned gemista, there is a version of dolmadakia that includes meat, yet once again, the vegetarian version is arguably the local-favorite. Check out the recipe for tourlou tourlou here. Garides saganaki, or shrimp saganaki, is a dish of shrimps cooked in a pan with tomato sauce, herbs, spices, and feta cheese, usually on the spicy side, as most recipes include fresh chili. You may want to do all your vegetable chopping at once so it doesn’t get overwhelming. BOOK, Shrimp saganaki - credits: Bvlena/ of Excellence for 2017, 2018, 2019 & 2020. All rights reserved. You don’t want to miss this jam packed dinner party menu! The Menu . Therefore, you have no excuse to skip on trying it; even if you are not a fish or seafood fan, after trying this dish, you are going to become one! You can get dolmadakia in a can, but they taste nothing like the real deal. If you’re looking to navigate your way through the Greek food scene, an Athens for Foodies tour in the morning or an Athens Highlights Evening Tour With Meze Dinner at night would be right up your street! Their taste is unique and refreshing, and even though they are a cumbersome dish to create due to the boring and tiring task of folding the vine leaves, their flavor is worth the effort. One of those is the -admittedly controversial- combination of watermelon and feta cheese! At once straightforward and elegant, Greek cooking is a divine marriage of bold flavors and elemental ingredients. You’ve presented them all so beautifully! A dish that tastes and smells of childhood for the Greeks, tourlou tourlou is the epitome of food thrifting that results in a flawless combination of nutrition and deliciousness. Our team is here to help you experience Greece in a meaningful, authentic way, away from the tourist traps. If you’d like to be taught the secrets of cooking the perfect gemista by a Greek chef, you can join us for an Athens Market Tour and Cooking Class and get a hands-on experience in Greek gastronomy! Olives, olive oil, lemon, eggplants, lamb, honey, seafood, and herbs are some of the dominant elements in this cuisine. I love the idea of hosting a themed dinner party and nothing says summer to me quite like Greek food!