Arrange the three carcasses as they will be assembled, and clamp them together at the foot. To attach the lift mechanism to the bed, I followed the recommendations on the hardware instructions. Measure the width of the bed, and cut the headboard to size. For a twin-size bed, no slats are needed under the platform. Align the ends of the tops (A) and the bottom panels (A) of the side cases on sawhorses and lay out the divider locations. When the final coat cures, reinstall the case backs. Painted in cool white, this DIY bed has a touch of Shaker styling, but the finish could be adapted to almost any style. The back piece and dividers get sandwiched between the top and bottom. Separate the halves of the appliance rollers. Install 1x2 cleats around the platform opening, 3½ inches down, to hold the frame flush with the platform, and set the frame in place, as shown. Rest evenly spaced slats (L) on the side supports and place the platform (M) on the slats (Project Diagram, Drawing 4). This bed is simple to build, but it looks like an expensive purchase when it's complete. This bed was made from Ikea kitchen cabinets! Cut the 75 mm wide boards into two 1988 mm lengths and two 937 mm lengths. Use a jigsaw or a Japanese handsaw to notch the casings around the side panels, and glue and nail them in place with a brad nailer. Apply the side supports (K) to the back of the side cases (Project Diagram, Drawing 3) -- the top edge of the 2 x 4s should be 1 1/2 inches below the top of the cases and flush with each end of the case side backs (C). Do you have the plans for the Stoleman platform stored somewhere? Building the frame. All Trim and Beadboard Panels: Measure and cut to fit. Take the sheets of MDF, clamp a straightedge in place, and use a circular saw to cut the pieces per the cut list. Free Queen Sized Bed Plan from Jeff Branch Woodworking. Items may be Special Order in some stores. Do the same for all the areas of the face frames with exposed MDF. Add the side rails (I) to the side cases. You would think laying the drawers on their side that the drawer frames would create natural braces. Slide the boxes under the bed and forget about them until next season. Thanks for including our bed in this round up and your kind words! The mattress platform is made up of three storage carcasses: one along each side with three bays,... Assemble the Storage Carcasses. Each size bed has a different Cutting List and Cutting Diagram. There is a material and cut list as well as real pictures at each step for a thorough explanation of how it’s done. Attach the base (A) using the same method. A piece of painter’s tape can secure the veneer until you activate the adhesive.