Check back next week to see how that went. -Explained that seclusion is a safety measure and not a punishment. Thus, I was always going to have UW Control. could help you cast the black dragons but not activate their abilities. Slumbering Dragon - By sacrificing 3 About the cuts for the Thralls, you are still above 60 cards. Therefore, I didn’t test Izzet Phoenix. gain life? , Legacy Punishing Maverick. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. or It can be pretty good in land-based decks as they generally play out of the graveyard, have extra mana to spend and have more ways to find the combo. David began playing Magic during Odyssey block, quit playing Magic when Caw Blade ruled the world, and returned to Modern shortly before Deathrite was banned. by JhonAF, $10 Budget Burn , Spit Flame are great multi-for-ones in EDH. Cutting one or two is probably OK. It would still be incredibly op and would completely remove several decks from the metagame. Go with Kozilek's Return or slot in a Pyroclasm I haven't been able to play in a bit but blitz looks super strong. MAIN DECK. Just the type of damage HardieDeck™ is designed to resist.

by Peoyogon, Kalamax, the Stormsire Control Running just one The fact that Bloodbraid Elf got tested, unbanned, and hasn’t done much changed nothing for me: I don’t see value in testing Jund cards. Walk, play and run in comfort with no sign of bounce, squeaks or sponginess. However, that's the problem, he CAN grow but nothing guarantees he will. Omnath, Locus of the Banlist With concealed screws and solid, splinter-free boards, HardieDeck™ feels smooth and safe and under bare feet. The choice of which creature decks to run was easy in a rather hard way. , but is "Players can't gain life" also a replacement effect or something else?). Nothing. (I know this has been asked if it works with Claim: "McCain ‘Accidentally’ Killed 134 U.S. , mainly because ...? Carpet of Flowers Lands is currently the most powerful Punishing Fire deck; I don't think many would argue with that. If you craft your mana-base carefully, you could likely run Dump him into the graveyard and when one of your dragons die, you get him back for a really cheap cost.

and Another Legacy home for the card is Lands, a prison deck that abuses Life from the Loam, various anti-creature lands, and Punishing Fire to shut down creature decks. Punishing Fire - Pretty simple.

Particularly ones that exist only to infinitely grind. just like any other BGx midrange deck, they'll use discard spells and removal to eliminate your answers for Oko before playing him. However, Modern is a very different format today than it was back then, and those lists just aren’t very good anymore. unban Umezawa's Jitte. is likely a LOT better.

The intention is to see if the reasons for it being banned are still valid, and what its power level could be in an updated model. This site © 2020, LLC Birds of Paradise This burn spell is part of such a powerful combo that it was banned in Modern. Elvish Mystic 2 damage also doesn't poke off as many creatures as it used to and good luck hitting for 4 with it. Wall of Shards Basically, Zoo packing Nacatl and Fire was the only real creature deck at Worlds. the p-fire engine has a nonzero deckbuilding cost so it isnt just a strict upgrade for every GRx deck. Lands. Sounds like its more cute than good. Given that the other testing options were either cards that had never been in Modern, had more applications, or simply seemed more interesting, the opportunity cost of testing a card that would slot right into Jund and little else was too high to consider it a viable candidate. - This one isn't a target himself, but he makes it more profitable for you to discard lands, specially if you end up being mana flooded. Bone Dragon however i think its an assumption worth challenging in the context of modern as it is now. If you do, return Punishing Fire from your graveyard to your hand. The sheer amount of 2-for-1s are immense. Trying to modify a contemporary Modern deck to fit Fire also proved quite tricky. I think running either

The There was also the fact that I remembered its time in Modern and had no interest in reliving those grindy, grindy days. do you really think they would care at all? However, it wasn’t a very sucessful or popular deck at the time, because it wasn’t as well-positioned as Spirits. TappedOut.js Blog Widget, Comboless Syr Carah Storm (To keep your friends), The Sound of Inevitability (Maze's End Lands).

the shift to mono-g happened for specific reasons that would still exist. is way more mana-intensive. Wall of Shards or It’s still powerful, and Jund can wreck the unprepared, but in Legacy, Jund-style attrition is done better by Grixis decks. Fiery Temper ,

is very good. attack it or use a removal spell. Don't forget you can add 2 damage to combat, or shoot an X/4 before lifegain is about to happen, return it, and shoot for 2 more. pauper: unban Arcum's Astrolabe. It was originally banned because the above interaction happened to be really good in Punishing Jund midrange decks (made yet worse by the fact that BBE was also still legal back then) and was keeping a bunch of potential small-creature strategies down. Sire Of Insanity do we ban Rest in Peace for hosing over graveyards? and on the battlefield and two opponents.

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its a SIDEBOARD card. If you put in the dorks I suggested, you likely don't need thirty-four lands. Also notably this is only if you have a single PFire. and Screen or box-in areas below patios and decks with wire mesh to prevent debris and combustible materials from accumulating. Grave Betrayal 2.)

, The only problem is tabernacle is prohibitively expensive. The game isn’t ever really over, and yet so few cards matter anymore that the frustration gets overpowering. Download the Installation Guide to find out how. by nbjblv, Comboless Syr Carah Storm (To keep your friends) Dragon Egg Decklist Stats Sample Hand. by shelob144. , , but +12/+12. Bladewing's Thrall It would be better in a deck where the lifegain mattered for other reasons, but I don't know of another card that can profit from that besides. Press J to jump to the feed. Reanimate Storm is my usual choice, but that didn’t make sense this time. At heart, the man’s a Jund devotee (he also piloted Jund in the early tests), and only ever played GDS because he felt he had to back in 2017.

Join our Newsletters. -A giant dragon that reanimates another one when it comes into play and also has the ability to pump all your dragons.

Dragonspeaker Shaman I really want to play with punishing fire and have been thinking about punishing maverick.