My 9 year old daughter got an expander put on 2 days ago. Together, he and Dr. Corbridge achieved a spectacular smile and proper bite. It was lunchtime when we were finished and he was starving so I made a trip to get a milkshake and attempted burger and fries. UGH!

Less than a year ago, I had dental impressions made and purchased the palate expander, which arrived a month after the creation of the impressions. He had a breakdown once and I managed to get him drinking banana milkshakes and that helped his mood a lot. I paid about 800-900 dollars. we also had to use a dental floss pic to push the food out when he did eat. My son is doing it constantly. You are right, there is no ‘real life’ info. And lots of liquid! she cries and I feel awful! They said he will have to wear aprrox 6 months but only turning for 14 days or so. He is miserable. She cannot eat!!! Our adventure will start in 2 weeks. We finally found Tongue Guard at cut the long noodles so they dont get wrapped up.

We finally settled on tomato soup but she added cheese and we’ve spent the last 10 mins with a toothpick getting cheese out.

A child may wear the expander for about 3- 6 months after which he or she may have to use a set of braces if required.

Treatment time was 5 months. Allyson came to us with an anterior crossbite causing recession on her lower incisor. She had an expander and upper and lower braces for a total of 14 months.

We strive to maintain a gold standard in the quality of orthodontic treatment that we offer, and we're proud to provide a wide range of orthodontic services ranging from traditional metal braces to Invisalign. This demonstrates nicely why sometimes it is better to correct a problem early rather than waiting for full braces.

I’m sure the prices vary wildly depending on amount of visits and whether the fee is tied into another service.

They got stuck in and behind her expander and we had to dig them out with a dental instrument!! The last 6 months have flown by! “That which does not kill us makes us stronger.” – Friedrich Nietzsche, Thank you!! Always seek the advice of your dentist or other qualified healthcare provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or treatment. My son had a terrible time. It’s so nice to know what may or may not be ahead for us! My son is 7 yrs old and he needs to get the expander, but I am going crazy trying to make that decision, I feel so horrible thinking that my child will be in pain. …you know the drill.

Hopefully, if your child needs one, I can at least offer up some real info and peace of mind.

As of now she eats almost everything she did before and really has no pain. and the in-mouth pulley system which pulled or pushed my crowded teeth into place.

1: Removable- This type is usually suitable for early to mid primary school age children.

She has to have hers for 18 months, though. Thank you for this information.

By the third day we transitioned to no-soft foods, and by the end of the week, he was eating normally again. Stupid me should of read some of these articles before. Every time I lift my tongue it hurts because my jaw is so narrow that it has to sit in line with the top teeth. I am SOO scared please help! It is also usually turned once or twice a week as opposed to on a daily schedule. Use wax on the sides the first week if it causes ulcers. My twelve year old done great with those. I seriously didn’t know it was coming until yesterday. I’m glad to know that it will subside.

Removable expanders are also more comfortable for adults to wear. Thank you for the info. We just got back from the ortho and 13 yr old son got expander and braces at the same time. I am awake very early with mummy angst as my son got his yesterday. It curves with the palate, pushing the teeth outward to expand it. Contact us today to learn more about the orthodontic treatments we offer, or if you'd like to start right away, simply request your consultation online. She completed her orthodontic treatment in less than a year and a half. We were told yesterday at her dentist appointment that her arch is too narrow for adult teeth to come in without crowding. I think most people with expanders deal with sore tongues. He had the easy part…  me, I had the job to turn the appliance each night with a key. I enjoyed talking really fast and having all the words slur together. The palate has two halves that do not fully fuse until adulthood.

I was really doubting our decision too but I think it’s going to be okay. But it does relieve existing pain and speeds healing. She wore upper partial braces and a headgear for a total of 15 months and you can see how much change she was able to achieve. After the first night of wearing it, his pain was gone! This means we can use orthodontic appliances like palatal expanders to gradually, painlessly widen the jaw, creating more space in the smile and preventing the need for more invasive treatments like oral surgery. PS Mines gotta a little drama too Known as Phase I orthodontic treatment, this usually begins between ages 7 and 9 and normally takes about a year. I was just informed my 6yr old son is needing one due to overcrowding and cross bite. my 7 year old had to drink milkshakes the first 5 days. Palatal expanders before the age of 7 are often done with a removable expander that also doubles as a retainer. She is “grossed out” by the food getting stuck between the expander and the roof of her mouth. He just got it off and you can totally tell how much better hismouth is. This is exactly my situation! The perfect storm that leads to braces. You have a great question that deserves a straight answer. Pingback: Dental Fun Update III: Braces on/Braces off | BagMomma. Everything got caught on the thumb guard and then the roof of his mouth. Also, she says everything tastes like metal. she hasn’t eaten anything. First couple of days? Because my son can’t get the food out just with a toothbrush, he has to use the water pick but it will not be available at school! plus mouth sore rinse. Reading this makes me less nervous. Thank you for your article. The orthodontist may choose an orthodontic expander depending on the problem to be treated and the shape of the jaw. Thank you for posting, my son gets his today (7 years old). I would highly recommend getting one before the expander is placed so tongue sores are never an issue. Hey! It’s really lucky that more kids have palate extenders available to them nowadays. I wish I would have found this before getting our expander, just so I would know what to expect. Luciana, I packed a small container with two sizes of throwaway dental picks in his backpack. Case Study 2: Before (Treatment) The only thing I would add to this is to consider purchasing a Waterpik to clean out the stuff that gets between the expander and palate. The expander is a custom-made an orthodontic appliance that fits at the roof of …

Dr. Corbridge estimated her treatment would take between 2 and 2 1/2 years but Chloe finished in only 22 months-just in time for graduation! Sometimes orthodontists may adjust the expander once a week or even daily to get the best results. I know this is a little late but I just had one out in and it aches all the time and it feels like my tongue is having a knive being cut through it. Leyton had an anterior crossbite which was corrected with upper partial braces only for 10 months. She has been complaining about not being able to talk and swallow food and I feel horrible for having her go through this. The surgeon will separate the palate into multiple segments, encouraging bone to grow between those segments as your child wears the palate expander. He couldn’t eat and ended up having a bowl of rice bubbles and raspberries for dinner. The solidification of the top jaw with bone usually occurs sometime during puberty. My son (8 yrs old) recently got his expander put in on July 22nd and I was struggling with whether or not I made the right decision to get this done at such a young age. It was miserable. Thank you for your blog! Despite the pain and discomfort experienced for both children and their parents at present, remember to focus on the big picture! According to Orthodontics Australia, crossbite and misalignment should ideally be treated before your child goes through their teenage growth spurt, but no younger than seven. (8th Grade, gap between your teeth) except I got mine today. You should ensure that bacteria and food debris are cleared from around the expander device, especially if your child has undergone expansion surgery. and, currently i feel horrible and want to rip it out. How does it work?

So I guess it’s gonna be several more years all together and all mostly caused by thumb sucking. She got her pal latte expander, top bracket, no wire on top. She had Phase I treatment with an expander and partial braces and had dramatic changes in the appearance and function of her teeth. His teeth are shiny clean because when you have this appliance , you have no choice but to brush your teeth religiously! My 14 y old daughter just got an expander AND braces 3 days ago! It’s Day 2 and the expander is like having a horse bit! We’ve been told that we’ll be cranking until there’s a gap between her front teeth, then rest while the gap filled in and then start again until everything is in the right place with all up being . Jennifer finished with a gorgeous smile and ideal bite. I actually think his little crooked smile is charming and adorable. My 13-year old daughter got an expander 2 days ago and hasn’t been able to eat anything solid. Besides the gross slurping sound he makes because apparently salvia gets caught up there & talking a little funny — he hasn’t had any issues! thank you for helping me feel better about it. The rapid palatal expander (RPE) is attached to the upper molars. She now can’t stop smiling and showing off her gorgeous smile! Implant-Supported Expansion.