Those with multiple devices who also play a bunch of games. In addition to the ports, there’s also a Type-C charging port where you can connect your charger and keep your phone charged up while gaming, either with a wall charger or if you’re on the move with a portable charger. We already know what you’re thinking, though: Controllers like this have been around and failed, so why will this one be any different? The Razer Kishi mobile gaming controller is now available in a special “Designed for Xbox” edition. Razer’s Kishi is a universal mobile gaming controller for Android phones with Type-C connection, specifically designed to cater to cloud gaming working best with Pixel phones and Samsung Galaxy S8 to S20 and Note 8 to 10+. It fit all of our tester devices without any problems, although the Galaxy Note 9 was a bit of a squeeze. Have you ever wrapped your hand around a Razer mouse? This is everything you get in the box with a Razer Raiju Mobile. Share. Expanding the controller to use, and collapsing the controller when storing is a breeze. I still need to get used to not having haptic feedback (rumble) while cloud gaming on mobile, it’s not available on any controller while using mobile devices.

By Adrian Covert September 19, 2020. There is also an optional hair-trigger mode for actuating the triggers more quickly. Even so, it’s difficult to recommend this to casual gamers at that price. It even comes with a free 14-day Xbox Game Pass subscription, which gets you access to the xCloud service. While I used Bluetooth headphones for most of the time I was playing with the Kishi, the controller does have a couple of speaker ports to amplify the sound of your game if you’re playing without headphones. Controllers like these have occasionally popped up since 2013, and Razer has even tried its hand at a couple in the past. When the game supported the controller and everything connected properly, the experience was basically flawless. You may have noticed there are three models to choose from.

If that’s the case you should take a long, hard look at the Razer Kishi. For better or worse, Razer knows exactly what kind of consumer they’re targeting with those features at that price. One game controller for all of your devices may be worth the investment to some people. If you’re coming into this from the console world and are really used to the look and feel of an Xbox gamepad, this may be the choice for you. It is still more preferable to play with a hardware controller over software controls.

We found that we frequently hit buttons on accident. Razer's Raiju Mobile is an Elite-style controller that has a phone clip built into its chassis. For instance, this controller should work well with Android TV as well as most mobile and tablet devices. If I had nitpicks, I’d say that I prefer the more meaty button presses of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One controllers versus the light click of the Razer Raiju Mobile buttons, but this is just a preference. Moving around the back shows two hidden buttons right around where your fingers rest while holding the controller. The bottom-center of the front houses four more buttons, including the typical start and select buttons as well as a home and back button for controlling your Android phone. On top of that, Razer has an app that serves as a central hub for launching all of the compatible games that ware installed on your phone. Some games seem to like to use multiple buttons for the same action, but this wasn’t a problem during our testing. It’s also priced outside of the sensibilities of most casual mobile gamers.