Its expansion symbol is a depiction of two overlapping planes.

The second set in the Time Spiral block, Planar Chaos features 165 cards, including 45 with a frame treatment from an alternative timeline, and randomly inserted premium cards.. Set Name: Planar Chaos Block: Set 2 of 3 of the Time Spiral Block Number of Cards: 165 Languages: English, German, French, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Chinese Simplified, Spanish

The subset contains ‘alternate-reality’ reprints of various cards from prior It was released on February 2, 2007. Details Planar Chaos was also the first and only edition to contain color-shifted cards.
Planar Chaos features a special “Timeshifted” subset of cards.

These are listed below. Planar Chaos set is the second set in the Time Spiral block. The theme of this expansion is "the (alternate) present"; to fit the theme of the block ("time"). These cards symbolise the "what if" factor of alternate histories. These cards have a slight difference to normal cards with white text for the name and card type, as well as a slightly different color scheme. The expansion symbol is a Möbius strip.
Planar Chaos (expansion code: PLC) is the 2nd set in the Time Spiral block. It is set on the plane of Dominaria, the first time that that plane had been visited since 8th Edition.. The theme of the block was time.

Planar Chaos is a MTG set. Time Spiral is a Magic: The Gathering expert-level block consisting of the expansion sets Time Spiral (October 6, 2006), Planar Chaos (February 2, 2007), and Future Sight (May 4, 2007). There are no artifacts in Planar Chaos. Planar Chaos contains 165 all new black-bordered cards (50 rares, 55 uncommons, and 60 commons), including a 45-card "timeshifted" subset (ten rares, 15 uncommons, and 20 commons).

The full set is not available in MTG Arena, however a small number of cards from it were added to the game for play in historic formats.