Press J to jump to the feed. Don’t you think the reason centers get blown by easily is because they all have low lateral quickness instead of perimeter defense? Sometimes the digger can cause mishandling of the ball as the post player moves middle through the dig. Let’s get straight to the point. wikiHow is where trusted research and expert knowledge come together. On a whole PG (mind you he’s 6’5 and has a maxed wingspan). At times, perimeter players may be asked to be lock-down defenders and, other times, to play the passing lanes to disrupt an offense. Build … Questions? Below is a video compilation of various examples of NBA defenders digging. Bigger players try to post them up; smaller players try to break them down and go to the hole. As with hard digs, reasons for a soft dig are numerous: The post player could be a limited scorer or far away from the rim, the post defender could be especially stout, or the defense might not want to dig too much off of a specific player. Instead, Tatum bodies him up and stops him in his tracks. But also Intimidator is basically THE shot contest badge. But with HoF intimidator and HoF rim protector (and HoF pogo stick) I am almost always able to guard any slashers and CENTERS! The idea is to cause discomfort by constantly feigning a double-team. Given that the digger is straddling the post player and his original man on the perimeter, he must remain cognizant of his man trying to slip into the paint. Let us know in modmail. A team with good perimeter defenders and mediocre interior defense gets killed in the paint, while with good interior defense and mediocre perimeter defense the … But also Intimidator is basically THE shot contest badge. He acquitted himself well when assigned to Russell Westbrook for stretches this year, but that’s a heavy ask for an entire playoff series; Harden is arguably the best and certainly the most prolific isolation player in NBA history. As Kilpatrick’s teammate, Giannis Antetokounmpo, backs down Wilson Chandler, we can see Murray take a more neutral position between the ball and his man — as opposed to Kyle Anderson from above, who was more clearly targeting the post action. Look at how close Kyle Anderson of the San Antonio Spurs moves toward Karl-Anthony Towns of the Minnesota Timberwolves as he posts up on the right side of the floor: Anderson reasons that Towns is a more dangerous threat than his man, Shabazz Muhammad, and decides to shift accordingly. Also important is that the dig is not a sneak attack from the weak-side, because that would result in far too long a distance between the digger his man. In short, it allows him to maintain a ball-digger-man alignment regardless of a cut. When a dig takes place is also of great importance. Too late? Take a look at how this dig by Zach Lavine of the Chiacgo Bulls morphs into a double, and the immense pressure pushes Joel Embiid into a tough turnaround and baseline fadeaway: No matter the style, every dig is an exercise in KYP: know your personnel. Receive 72 drills, 32 plays & 7 shooting workouts! Tell me your experiences guarding the three. The result is an easy two points for Denver. If a digger is coming from farther away, he has naturally built up more speed he has to counteract in his recovery. 3) Defensive Ability Defensive responsibilities for perimeter players are varied and critically important. Most commonly, the post feeder cuts through after dumping the ball inside to give his back-to-the-basket teammate space. So what would happen to a build with minimum (think around 40-50) perimeter defense that has HoF intimdator and HoF clamps. The digger’s man may be a poor shooter, limiting the consequence of the hard dig; the post player might be a very dangerous offensive player, have deep post position or struggle to see the floor. With anticipation and early two-nining, this helper can even prevent drives before they occur without actually leaving his original man. All my guards no matter how short they are or how many defensive badges they have, they all have at least a 74 perimeter defense. As Embiid backs down, Tatum begins swiping at him without actually abandoning his man, Dario Saric, on the perimeter. An Exploration in Three Parts, Falling In Love With The Pre-Game Men’s Fashion Show, NFL Free Agents Most Likely to Get Overpaid this Offseason, 2019 NBA Mock Draft 3.0 — The Final Edition, The 10-Game NBA All-Stars, MVP, & Award Winners. Subscribe to our free monthly newsletter to receive new drills, plays, scoring tips and coaching strategies, Definition: A brief lunge by a perimeter defender toward a posting up offensive player intended to bring secondary ball pressure without double-teaming. Better diggers can even get away with a swipe at the ball, which ideally can frustrate the post player and upset his post rhythm. See our 2K21 Wiki for FAQs, Locker Codes & more. If the post player sniffs it out, he can throw an easy skip pass for a wide open three-point shot. In theory it sounds nice but I do realize my 87 perimeter defense makes experienced shooter not green as much. Perimeter Defense and Interior Defense are shot contests in each respective areas correct? Sometimes this is by design, because the defense determines that a particular post player cannot deal with significant ball pressure once he has put the ball down. It’s just that this build I was planning would be an offensive beast while still having 19 defensive badges if I skipped on perimeter defense. I am an NBA reporter and analyst based in Salt Lake City, covering the Utah Jazz and NBA at large. I'm in my fifth season covering the Jazz. It can kill your whole build. Once the post player dribbles, however, he must at least keep part of his concentration on ball control — and therefore be more easily unsettled by a dig. Beyond that, you even need different strategies and skills for defending different types of perimeter players (shooters, slashers, scorers, etc.). Other times the post player might fade toward the sideline to relieve himself of the pressure. Everything else on defense was maxed out. This isn’t to suggest the two-time reigning DPOY should be off-limits as an isolation target. If timed improperly, the post player can catch the digger moving the wrong way and throw a kickout pass for a wide open three. The only in-between recourse similar to the two-nine is the “dig,” in which a perimeter player lunges back and forth between the posting up player and his own man. Whether through perimeter defense (Kawhi Leonard) or a rim protector (Rudy Gobert), there is a ton of value in specializing in defense, and you will likely be met with far less competition as most players prefer to build offensive-minded players. Try distracting him or tricking him to move. Not only can they see the entire floor, but the dribble can still be used as a weapon to escape pressure. The Rockets won’t hesitate to run James Harden at him if the teams meet again in the playoffs; ditto for OKC and Chris Paul, Los Angeles and LeBron James, etc. For some post players, it might even cause them make a move baseline — away from where he (incorrectly) thinks some help might come. Please if there is anyone, ANYONE out there who has a guard build with no perimeter defense and plays park, or anyone who hasn’t upgraded perimeter defense and plays park. What do I do if an offensive player is right or left-handed? Take the defensive glass, where Gobert’s teammates are often in disarray when he’s defending a ball-handler on a switch: How big a factor all this is come playoff time likely comes down to matchups, as these things all tend to. HoF intimidator and HoF clamps should still lock up guards right? By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. NBA 2K20 has introduced a MyPlayer builder system which is making every player very ... perimeter defense, Block, Lateral Quickness, Steal and Defensive rebounding. Real Talk – What An Opponent Scouting Report Says About You, The Pivot Foot – Which Foot to Use – Permanent vs. If you have great perimeter defenders and bad interior defenders, your perimeter defenders have a much tougher job to do- prevent shots AND penetration. Definition: A brief lunge by a perimeter defender toward a posting up offensive player intended to bring secondary ball pressure without double-teaming. Is the post player a good scorer? When someone gets beat off the dribble, know where you have to rotate in order to either cut off passing lanes or if you are now the one that has to pick up the ball-handler. Not … © 2020 Forbes Media LLC. In a hard dig, a digger might creep closer to the post player before digging hard.