I haven’t been to Vienna and I’ll certainly revert to this post if I get the opportunity to go. Sorry you missed the pandas in the zoo. There are 1,411 rooms and the gardens are home to 32 sculptures, as well as a set of Roman ruins built as follies in the late 1700s. It was in Schönbrunn where a 6-year old Mozart jumped into Maria Theresa’s lap and gave her a kiss after performing for her. Like other historical buildings in the Austrian capital, the Viennese palaces are easy to recognise by the set of Austrian flags and bronze information plates found somewhere on the outer walls.

Why not check if there’s a room for you? Upper Belvedere is home to the world’s largest collection of Gustav Klimt paintings, including the … I alway love to visit palaces that have restored the interiors so you can see life in that time period. This list may not reflect recent changes (learn more). Empress Elisabeth, or Sisi as she is more commonly known, became somewhat of a cult figure after her death by assassination in Geneva in 1898. You can still get a feel for the grandeur from the street. No other city can claim to have been home to a more impressive list of composers. What to see at the Imperial Palace Vienna, More Viennese palaces you didn’t know about, combine your Schönbrunn Palace tour with an evening concert, combination with a ticket for the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna, concert, dinner and dance at Palais Auersperg, The best cities in Austria to visit this year, Linderhof Palace – How to Visit Neuschwanstein’s Pretty Little Sister. Children and teenagers under 19 get free admission to both. More useful information about Schönbrunn Palace tickets. This is M’s favourite Schönbrunn Park attraction. All support is appreciated! In a magnificent garden setting, Linderhof is sometimes missed by tourists rushing past to its big brother, Neuschwanstein Castle, […], Attending one or more classical concerts in Vienna is an opportunity not to be missed by music lovers. From opera houses to rollercoasters, here are some great ways to experience Vienna by night. The Vienna Boys’ Choir still sings on Sundays at High Mass in the Burgkapelle (Palace Chapel) dating from 1449. We quenched our first with a beer and juice and tried the Sacher Torte at the Schönbrunner Schloss Café. Mozart, […].

It’s still just as grand as when Eduard and Sophie von Todesco hosted parties here. Every emperor liked to add his own bit to be remembered by. Because I'm simply inspired by its beauty, its history and its people. Note: Imperial Treasury tickets aren’t included in the Imperial Palace tickets for the imperial apartments, Sisi Museum, and silver collection. An outing to Schönbrunn is perfectly rounded off by a drink and a snack or meal at one of the restaurants or cafés on the palace grounds. When visiting Schönbrunn, you can choose between an imperial tour and a grand tour of the palace rooms accompanied by an audio guide or a printed guide. This is also where members of the Austrian resistance met during the Nazi occupation to lay the foundations of a new, sovereign Austria.

The grand tour also provides a glimpse of the elaborate 18th-century interiors introduced by Maria Theresa. The Neptune Fountain, about halfway between the palace and the Gloriette, is perhaps the most impressive of them all. Continue your Vienna sightseeing aboard a Big Bus or fill the rest of your days here with some of our top picks for the Best Things to do in Vienna. The area of more than 2,500 m² is full of surprises for the young and young at heart. However, I got a better idea of the imperial couple’s life from these rooms than from those in the summer palace. You can book your tickets here. Now the Palace plays host to three museums, the Imperial Apartments, the Sisi Museum and the Silver Collection. Directly opposite the Vienna Opera, one of the best Viennese coffee house experiences awaits in Palais Todesco, home of the Café-Restaurant Gerstner. Read on for the long one. The 40 rooms which are open to the public give an authentic impression of the imperial lifestyle and are furnished in faithful period detail. Inside the Schönbrunn Maze, you will also find the Labyrinthikon Playground where kids can stay entertained for hours.

I had heard of a couple of them but they seem to have much more than that! Maria Theresa’s court household numbered more than 1,500 people.

I enjoyed my tour of the imperial apartments, Sisi Museum, and the imperial silver collection without feeling rushed when M got sick and had to stay at the hotel with his dad. You can’t help imagining yourself as a dinner guest. The following 64 pages are in this category, out of 64 total.

Here are the Schönbrunn Park highlights to look out for.

If there’s one palace that’s easy to include in a Vienna weekend itinerary, it’s this one. This grand building encases the theatre museum of Vienna’s art gallery. What better venue to listen to one of the world’s best chamber orchestras than in a palace where Mozart, Haydn, and Gluck once wrote musical history. This is a question I often get, especially from first-time visitors. Wow… what a sumptuous collection of palaces. Every emperor added to the Imperial Palace, resulting in a sprawling complex with 2,600 rooms where almost 5,000 people still live and work.
I adore the Gloriette – such follies of the rich, right?! I liked the French porcelain best, especially the set given to Maria Theresa by Louis XV.

Most of the articles in this category are about buildings that would be called "houses" or "mansions" in an English-speaking country. The crown jewels would be interesting to see. Visit any of these Vienna palaces and you’re guaranteed to feel like royalty. And, of course, while you’re here you can always do some shopping. The Orangery hosts the world’s largest collection of Gustav Klimt’s paintings, including The Kiss – ideal if you’re visiting Vienna with kids who are into art. Check your inbox or spam folder to confirm your subscription.

If you’re looking for a quiet, shady spot on a bench between hedges, this is where you should head. The sheer grandeur of these buildings can transport you to a different era.

We liked this spot because we could people-watch while M played with his paper airplane in the parade court in front of the palace. Where appropriate, I include affiliate links in blog posts or pages to make it easy for you to access relevant services, attractions, and products. The Café Restaurant Residenz is a typical Viennese coffee house. Both tours include the staterooms and the private apartments of Emperor Franz Joseph and his Elisabeth (Sisi). The last Austrian emperor Archduke Franz Josef lived here and during the Second World War the building was heavily bombed. You must walk through the Silver Collection to get to the Sisi Museum. Viennese Palais typically face the street, have a Baroque façade, and a courtyard with a staircase leading to the main floor.

Schönbrunn is the most visited of the Viennese palaces and Austria’s most popular tourist attraction. Click here for a more detailed list of the Viennese Palaces or Palais. This Viennese palace is steeped in history, especially musical history. If we had to choose only one of the Viennese palaces to visit, this would be it.

The Schönbrunn Park and gardens are filled with beautiful fountains. If you don’t like reading or holding something to your ear all the time, there are also guided tours by professional guides. My favourite part of the garden is the bit in front of Lower Belvedere. At the Belvedere you get two palaces in one: The Orangery and the Palace Stables.

Free audio guides are available in 16 languages and printed tour descriptions in 21 languages. However, it’s entirely up to you how much time you spend here. While you can imagine the German imperial crown on the head of some medieval emperor in long robes, the Austrian imperial crown was never used to crown an Austrian emperor. Standing proud on a 60-metre (200-feet) tall hill, Schönbrunn is a Baroque marvel and one of the most important architectural monuments in Austria. Former news journalist, mom, travel blogger, wife, photographer, nature lover. I haven’t been to Austria, besides the airport, but would love to go one day. Like all the Viennese summer palaces, Belvedere’s gardens are something to write home about. You can really imagine yourself to be of noble descent by staying in the heritage-listed Palais Hansen, now known as the Palais Hansen Kempinski. The Vienna Residence Orchestra performs in the Palais Auersperg, a Baroque Palais dating to the early 18th century. And I love the opulently laid dining table.
Although we can’t promise you a crown, we can promise you’ll be exploring some of the most beautiful historic grounds in Austria. All three of these look great and I love that you can easily see them all in a long weekend. It ends up making for a huge complex. Even a couple of hours for each of the palaces didn’t suffice. What an amazing array of palaces to visit in Vienna. Oh, and I did I mention the Van Gogh? You can easily spend an entire day at Schönbrunn Palace and Gardens.

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The Esterházy family is one of the most distinguished families of Vienna, and there have been as many as 14 palaces bearing their name across the city. Very well presented info on the palaces. The literal translation of Schönbrunn is beautiful spring. The flowers had started to lose their summer sparkle when we visited in late October, but the autumn foliage provided a different kind of beauty. Disclosure: My content is intended to help you plan the best trip to Austria.

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The palace and gardens of Schönbrunn is a vivid illustration of the tastes, interests, and aspirations of the Habsburg monarchy from the 16th century to 1918. At the centre of all the sparkle is the imperial crown of the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation dating from the 10th century.

Go here if you’re looking for an entertaining and educational thing to do in Vienna. Besides, you can spoil yourself with a Wiener Melange and a piece of cake at Café Gloriette when you get there. So we tried them all to bring you our verdict on the best places to sample the classic cutlet Viennese style…, Join thousands of our passengersSign up to our newsletter for exclusive info and offers. See where and how Franz Joseph and Sisi lived in 24 rooms of the Imperial Palace.