Great idea about painting the hemnes to match everything. The Design Souk. I know I will lose the grain on the side units so it won't be an exact match. He'd be thrilled to work together on that :-) a mini , shorter, dining table. I’ve used melamine paint and it works well. You don't really want the image of the TV/ent. Hello, I have a black-brown HEMNES TV unit (Article Number: 802.509.57) that I’m trying to paint white (the exact same color as HEMNES Bookcase white stain).

Few months later I changed my mind and painted the black bits Annie Sloan Louis Blue, again leaving the white inside and shelves of the bookshelf. I bought 2 of those white bookcases so that I can create a large entertainment center like HEMNES TV storage combination after painting the TV unit white. If you paint colour – and why paint white if you can paint colour, and leave the inside of the bookshelf white it looks absolutely stunning. How to paint IKEA furniture . I have a black-brown HEMNES TV unit (Article Number: 802.509.57) that I’m trying to paint white (the exact same color as HEMNES Bookcase white stain). I painted an IKEA Brusali dresser with that mixed mint green – the Brusali has a thin paper foil over the mdf (looks terrible) but the paint stuck to it like a charm now it looks like it’s actually made of wood. another issue. Looks like a matching set now with the Ikea table and chairs.

I’d still probably use a primer after deglossing before putting on the water based paint. I had seven pieces and bought the wall mirror to match. I have painted an Ikea Bonde from very dark brown into a very light grey coleur.

But not all IKEA furniture is alike, and therefore, not all requires the same paint treatment. I’m only painting for myself and I did this with little to no experience with chalk paint – you can’t mess it up believe me. X. Thanks! To help with durability/child proofing, you can use some polyurethane over the white paint to build up a stronger finish. Can you (or anyone else) tell me though, what sheen of paint do you get the Behr black mocha in? Check You Tube for fine videos on how to paint laminated furniture – There are so many good ones there…, I’ve use spray paint primer in gray with good results on laminate, but I haven’t tried on this particular line. I love your idea for the entertainment center and now I'm exploring even more ideas myself! It only comes in satin finish which was perfect for the dining room hutch I painted. Dave, I'm confused....When you say that you want to paint the 'sides' of your current unit - do you mean only the outer sides of the wooden unit we are looking at, or the tall glass front pieces? Who knew? it’s not sticky afterwards at all! By doing that, it adds texture to your piece. The entertainment center I have is modular so the side shelves with glass doors are not attached to the tv stand. The new Ikea unit looked very nice by itself and ended up liking the simplicity of the tv stand without sides. Here's a HOUZZ example: You can re-purpose some of the storage bins you already have and lose the smaller shelving unit. (followed by standard paint brushed and rolled on), Or you could use chalk paint like Annie Sloan’s. I’ve been researching on how to paint furniture but I don’t know if laminate furniture is what’s underneath the surface or what’s on the surface. If you want a smoother finish, try not to paint over a spot that is sorta wet already. Then use a good primer and let it dry for 1 Learn how your comment data is processed. It is just competing with the floor lamp and tall candles.

I could also just use dining table for larger games downstairs. I’ve been dying to incorporate something blush pink into my home for a couple of months now – it’s kind of my color of the season I thought about painting our guest room pink, but hubs wasn’t really on board with that idea… Are You Gutsy Enough to Paint Your Floor White? You might have to paint it two times. Make it the star of your kitchen renovation, for starters, Sleek and glossy or softened by wear, white floors charm, Combine contrasting materials for a kitchen all your own, Wondering whether to go for natural wood or a painted finish for your cabinets? Ah ha!! Is your personal style (style goal) as traditional as your home appears? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I have recently learned that painting and waxing with the same brush is not the best idea, so try to keep them separate. Eggshell? In short, sand it down. strut right here — it might just be featured in an upcoming ideabook, Front and Center Color: When to Paint Your Door Blue, 11 Reasons to Paint Your Interior Doors Black, Kitchen of the Week: Updated French Country Style Centered on a Stove. What type of content do you plan to share with your subscribers? I bought a sample at Home Depot and was limited to what the samples come in, satin. Entertainment center: glass or black-brown?


But I want to start looking and planning and would hate to find a steal in a 36" table if its too tight. Both kids have decent sized rooms :-) they will eventually spend more time in there. Thank you!! Black can be heavy...especially a single large piece on the wall. Would you consider also adding a coat of paint to the hemnes to make everything match 100%?

Then I white washed the coloured bits with Liberon Lime Wax (one the Annie Sloan clear wax dried, that’s needed for protection) and after a bit of polishing adding the new-old brass knobs back and now it ha French cottage look all over it. The new stand hasn't been assembled yet but a picture from the website is below. Open vakken voor je dvd-speler enz.

One coat of Annie Sloan clear wax protected it well (to all who asked – the wax absorbs into the chalk paint in a chemical reaction and hardens it – leaving it overnight, it makes a stronger protective coat than laquer.) I do like your idea of storing a table and using when we want.