Soon, Rumplestiltskin returns and conjures the box into his own hands. ("Heart of Gold"), When Rumplestiltskin's magic lessons come to a halt, Regina angrily complains to him about it. Gold accompanies his jailer to the fight and is made to magically push Emma aside when she attempts to battle Zelena single-handedly. After saying goodbye to Belle, he turns to leave. Gothel emphasizes that he has yet to know the cost of Anastasia's awakening, which requires sacrificing an innocent's belief. She inquiries about Camelot, and though Rumplestiltskin never actually went to Camelot, he chucks her the "souvenir" he got from Guinevere, the magic gauntlet, which can locate one's greatest weakness. With this, Gold returns to the club and asks Lacey out on a date, and she agrees to go with him. Later, however, after the Charmings have been awoken, Rumple approaches his mother outside the clock tower, having heard how she ordered Gideon to destroy the town's crop of pixie flowers and yet somehow one survived. Gold reveals his name to be Rumplestiltskin and takes the cup back. ("True North"), Emma and Sidney are driving through the woods when they crash due to breaks that have been tampered with by Regina.

He then turns to Snow and tells her to get the child to safety, and on its 28th birthday the child will return. He tells her to sacrifice a heart, and she tells him that she sacrificed her prized steed. ("Mother's Little Helper"), The Black Fairy is now in town thanks to Gideon plotting to help her escape her realm, and she makes herself known by barging into the pawn shop with her "son" in tow. In the jungle, he stumbles upon a campfire with a deceased Greg and finds Tamara, despite taking an arrow to the back, still alive and struggling to move. Rumple then fills a wineskin with water from the River of Lost Souls and glamours it as a heart, making Pan think that he's receiving a second chance at life when, in fact, he's receiving his doom. After Beowulf orders him to stand still, Rumplestiltskin urges Baelfire to flee, which he does. ("The Miller's Daughter"), Mr. Gold comes to Regina's mausoleum to pay his respects at Cora's coffin. The Queen, meanwhile, goes to Gold while disguised as Regina as part of her newest plan for the heroes; she needs the Hammer of Hephaestus from him as part of a test for Henry, and he warns her that if she's trying to get her happy ending with her son then she should remember that villains don't get them, only for her to retort that she's not looking for an ending. Mr. Gold doesn't want his loved ones to be harmed, but since she is not willing to spare them, he shows her the Sorcerer's hat; threatening to put her in it. He is then unable to use anything against Hyde to prevent him from taking the necklace.

She angrily berates him for losing his only chance of seeing his son again, though Mr. Gold asserts that Neal died valiantly to save him. As Regina storms out, he says that the way Regina is, holding the book, he can see the resemblance to her mother. Henry further states they should consider who really deserves their happy ending, to which Weaver remains unruffled by his comments and instead takes the squid ink with him to confront Rumplestiltskin on his own. While Belle advocates for Emma to assist Gideon in the hopes of him turning to the side of good under her guidance, Mr. Gold explains the necessity of taking out the Black Fairy to eliminate the threat she poses to Storybrooke. Relevant Pages However, Rumple simply uses his magic to transport he and Bae home, where he discovers that Baelfire knew of the deal, and he's extremely angry with his father for not asking him to come home, instead of taking him there. ("The Eighth Witch", "The Guardian"), After Regina cast Drizella's curse to save Henry's life, Mr. Gold becomes Weaver, a corrupted detective with his own agenda. By signing up, I agree to the Terms & to receive emails from POPSUGAR. Bae is shunned by other children who fear his papa but is comforted by Morraine who tells him of Reul Ghorm who will know a way to do what Bae requires and strip his father of his powers. Dr. Whale again asks Mr. Gold to fix his arm, but Mr. Gold first tells him to "Say it", meaning he wants Whale to admit that he needs magic.

Emma agrees, but since the spell's casting power will reduce buildings to rubble, Mr. Gold tells her to arrive at a manor in the woods. Rumple then reminds his father that, while he may have lost his shadow, there is one thing he is forgetting: Rumple has also lost his shadow. After playing it, Belle hears Mr. Gold's voice singing a Scottish lullaby to their unborn child. ("Lost Girl", "Nasty Habits"), In preparation to sacrifice himself for Henry, Mr. Gold rubs a black substance on his face, and he talks to Belle about putting back on his mask of a monster in order to do what must be done. Rumple goes to Moe French/Sir Maurice with a wanted poster of Belle, he claims to have no idea where she is but makes it clear what a monster he believes Rumple to be. Despite her warning, he doesn't see the boy as a true threat and decides to kill him when the time comes. ("Murder Most Foul"), Regina summons Rumplestiltskin in order to escape her wedding day, as her overbearing mother, Cora, is forcing her into a loveless marriage with King Leopold.
Rumple is returned to the spinsters, who proceed to raise him and offer to make him a new doll. Snow White, having the impression all this was possible because Prince Charming made another deal with Rumplestiltskin, decides she wants to pay the price of magic. After making him return Hook's heart, she commands him to transport them to the town line where they can have a chat alone. After a quick check, Gold tells Emma that it belonged to one Michael Tillman, and Emma uses this information to find the father and he is soon reunited with his children. Later, Gold shows Lacey the broken chipped cup and repairs it with magic, before pouring out some potion and serving it to her. Gold approaches Pan, having come to terms with what he must do, but the demon child simply mocks the Dark One when he bids farewell to his frozen loved ones. Wish Realm Hook, Alice's father, stops him from getting near his daughter, as despite what the heroes say about him reforming into a better person, he still believes him to be evil. Morpheus makes clear that time is of the essence, doubting that true love's kiss will work, but Rumple seems pretty confident that he'll be able to make her love him again. Furious, Zelena witnesses the exchange from Oz. The Black Fairy promises that she won't command him to do anything else, though she fully expects him to join her side. (Again, this all makes sense inside the show. Since the trio want Regina to steal something, Mr. Gold speculates they need the dagger to lure the Dark One into town and control him for the mission, although he actually wants it for himself. Hook is extremely angered to see that Rumplestiltskin is alive and Tamara makes it very clear that he's failed. Rumple takes out his Dark One's knife, saying that the only way to rid him of the power is to kill him with it. They scour books on light magic, but none reveal a way to turn dark magic into light magic. When Milah procures a knife for him to use, Rumplestiltskin continues to be reluctant, even when she insists he needs to be brave for once.

A baby boy is born to Fiona and Malcolm, both of whom believe him to be perfect, and then a pair of fairies arrive to deliver some news. Rogers finds this hard to believe and remains certain Eloise is innocent. Gold, whose heart is very weak, orders the scribe not to toy with him, because he knows that his son is gone forever.

While Mr. Gold is researching some books, Belle returns, revealing her plan to undergo the sleeping curse to pause her pregnancy, giving him unlimited time to destroy the contract. Regina returns to Rumple, who is now teaching a new student, and she takes this student's heart from her body and crushes it, killing her. Mr. Gold is unsure if he can let him go, but Belle shows him a scroll which she believes may help him do so. He instructs that the key to making magic work is to give into the rage of emotion she feels at her worst moment. A crescent moon appears on her wrist, meaning she is the one destined to kill her son. To his shock, she states that he did. Bae convinces his papa not to use his magic, for he's done what he needed to do now, and Rumple promises that he won't.
Belle, believing him responsible for accelerating her pregnancy, coldly refuses to tell him her son's name, in fear he'll use it to track the child down.

The shadow then takes Rumple away, causing the boy to drop his straw doll in the process, whilst Malcolm is turned young again by pixie dust, able to stay on Neverland for the rest of his days. She is of course devastated, but still tries to get Hades to tear up the contract. When the bear is about to kill her though, Rumple throws a rock at its head and faces it himself, eventually throwing the magic substance into its mouth which forces it to transform back into Merida. As Regina tells him to go find his happy ending, we get a glimpse of Rumple reuniting with Belle in the afterlife. She states to herself that it's not that difficult, making a fireball in her own hand with ease, angry that Regina is still being trained when she is clearly better. He asks how it feels to be chosen before her sister for once, though Kelly doesn't see the humor in the situation and instead probes him about the killer's identity. David does as asked, and later Belle listens to the tape, which is a recording by Rumple for their unborn child. Weaver agrees with her assessment but sends her out when she protests against Rogers taking his painting to Eloise. As a cooling down period after exerting this much magical force, she is taught to think of a happy memory. She and Prince Charming go to Rumplestiltskin, the only man powerful enough to counter the Queen's magic. Detective of Major Crimes Division (formerly)Pawnshop owner (formerly)Attorney (formerly)Landlord (formerly)Wool spinner (formerly)Soldier (formerly) ("Birth"), The vision of Rumple is there to greet Hook as soon as he rises from the vault, easily convincing him to accept the darkness so that he can fulfill his deep-seeded need for revenge against Mr. Gold for killing Milah. Rogers wonders what it could mean, to which Weaver ominously tells him that "they" are here; in reference to the coven. Rumplestiltskin appears to her as a figment of her subconscious, representing the darkness that now corrupts her. She requests to know his real name, he says it's Mr. Gold, however, Regina retrieves a chipped cup from her purse and asks for his real name. He explains it by telling her that the curse is weakening, this worries Regina, Gold tells her that if Emma were to die, the curse would be broken. He takes out a dream catcher and enchants it, passing it to Emma who holds it before Pongo. He explains the residents of Storybrooke had to see Emma is capable of standing up not only to the mayor, but himself, too. She willingly forfeits the coin when he asks for it, however, he offers it to her if she doesn't involve Belle or her unborn child in whatever plans she has for the town.