Adequate space is there to, for inter-cultivation of remunerative crops, The field is laid out into rectangular shape plot, keeping more space between row and row. This system is similar to square system except one additional plant is planted in the The arrangement of the trees will largely be determined by the shape and features of the site, and will vary from site to site.

Any methods of layout should aim at providing maximum number of plants and proper maintenance of space for easy cultural operations in the orchard. Square system. method of planting and hence requires fertile land. As the distance between any two rows is more than the distance between any two trees in the row, there is no equal distribution of the space for tree. It is an ideal system for the fertile and well-irrigated land. The orchard is laid out as per following system of planting. Layout or systems of Planting in Orchards. The width of contour terrace varies according to the.

the length of each arm of the triangle is desired tree to tree distance. In planning a layout for an orchard is one of the important factors to consider because once your trees are in the ground and planted, they may me stay there for about long time or a century. 2. Establishment of an orchard is a long term investment and requires a very critical planning. centre of each square .

This is very intense, method of planting and hence requires fertile land. This system is based on the principles of isolateral triangle.

This system is similar to that of the square in its layout except for the difference that the spacing between the rows and between the plants in row is not equal. The center place of the four plants can be utilized to grow short lived plant to gain additional profits. During my teaching time, I loved to provide important information to the Fresh minds as well as the farmers in Agriculture, which I miss these Ph.D. days.

Maximum utilization of the land is possible. However, the laying out of system is hard and cumbersome. The system of layout can be grouped in to two broad categories i.e. Skill is required to layout the orchard. Under such circumstances, contour terrace is developed by, scratching and levelling the hill-slope. Equal distribution of space per tree is there. Adequate space is there to for inter-cultivation of remunerative crops like vegetables. (Orchard Planting), The field is laid out into rectangular shape plot keeping more space between row and row. Inter-cultural operations can be carried out through both ways. Share With Your Agri Friends. Fifteen percent more trees can be planted as compared to the square system. 1. At stiff hill slope, the width is kept narrower. Irrigation channels and paths can be made straight. The plants are planted exactly at right angle at each. There are several systems of planting; among them following are the important ones: It is most easy

the centre. Square system and rectangular systems are included under vertical system of planting.

Examples of this system of cumbersome. This system can be followed when; the distance between the main plants is more than 10m. Two important Agriculture Job notification for SRF and Assistant Professor.

plant to plant distance is kept comparatively less. It is the most easy and popular method of planting fruit plants. 3.


proper space availability per plant. Farm Layout. Guava, Kinnow, Phalsa, Inter-cultural operations can, be carried out through both ways. intersected to form equilateral triangles. The width of contour terrace varies according to the slope of the hill.

36.1 LAYOUT . The plants that are planted in the centre of each square along Plum, Peaches, Papaya etc.
I always will try my best to provide the quality and latest information on Horticulture on my website. These plants are usually short-statured and early bearing. It is adopted in hilly areas for planting fruit plants where land is undulated and soils, erosion is a great threat. 2. 1. Irrigation channel can be made length and breadth wise. Orchard is a place where large scale intentional cultivation of fruits or nuts are done.

It is similar to the square system but there is on plant in the middle of the square, which is known as the filler plant (examples- Banana, Papaya, Pineapple etc).

The selection of proper location, planting system, planting distance and variety has to be considered carefully to ensure maximum production. This system accommodates 15 % more plants than square system. Comparatively less number of trees is accommodated in given area.
There will be less plant per hectare as compared to square system.

Compared to square to square systems, almost double the number of trees can be planted initially. Guava, Kinnow, Phalsa. The orchard is laid out as per following system of planting.