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Of the three knights who are untainted by sin – Sir Perceval, Sir Bors, and Sir Galahad – Galahad is the only one predestined to achieve this honour of attaining the Holy Grail.
Sir Galahad may have originally come from the fourth book of the Vulgate Cycle, which was derived from the Cistercian Order. All of the Knights of the Round Table set out to find the Grail. A poem by Thomas de Beverly published in 1925, "The Birth of Sir Galahad", tells of the events leading up to the conception of Sir Galahad, his birth and a visit soon afterwards by Sir Bors, to see Elaine and the baby Galahad. The addition of Galahad to the Arthurian legends was done relatively later in the traditions. Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. This flour is ideal for baking a variety of products such as muffins, cookies, pizza crusts and even whole-grain breads. [7] Morris’ poems place this emotional conflict at centre stage, rather than concentrating upon Galahad's prowess for defeating external enemies, and the cold and the frost of a Christmas period serve to reinforce his "chilly isolation". After seeing the Grail, Galahad, however, makes the request that he may die at the time of his choosing. [7] The poem opens on midwinter's night; Sir Galahad has been sitting for six hours in a chapel, staring at the floor. Sir Galahad mended the broken sword, and therefore, He was allowed to see the Grail. Galahad survives this test, witnessed by Arthur who, upon realising the greatness of this new knight, leads him out to the river where a magic sword lies in a stone with an inscription reading "Never shall man take me hence but only he by whose side I ought to hang; and he shall be the best knight of the world."

(The embedding of a sword in a stone is also an element of the legends of Arthur's original sword, the sword in the stone.

Galahad was led into King Arthur’s court where he sat in the Siege Perilous (the vacant seat at the Round Table reserved for the Knight who would one day be successful at recovering the Holy Grail).
This might be seen as a theological statement that concludes that earthly endeavours must take second place to the pursuit of the holy. Galahad, in some ways, mirrors Arthur, drawing a sword from a stone in the way that Arthur did. King Arthur Sir Galahad All Purpose Flour, 50 Lbs. After many adventures, Galahad and Percival find themselves in the mystical castle of Corbenic at the court of Pelles and Eliazar, his son.