i dont know what its callled but there is a organization in Tijuana and mexico city that help people from the states that are deportee or people that move to mexico for some other reasons and cant go back to the states right away or not at all.. I know some people fly because of dentist or speciality doctor that i can understand, Or is it the nightlife a lot of people come here for a certsin type of night life and the food here, Thanks for your response I really appreciate it...I want to go see very good friend of mine he just got about a week ago from (ta && ta.queueForLoad ? This is basically a tourist visa for Mexico. 19.5k members in the tijuana community. Drive here at your own risk. I have never experienced this myself. There have been instances where Uber drivers were attacked by taxi drivers in Tijuana. I have a house in rosarito and have been coming down to Mexico for almost 40 years now on a regular basis. Our main concern is that we have heard that if you live in Mexico and leave your house for an extended period (like 2 weeks for vacation) that you could come home to all your stuff stolen from your place. You can further reduce any risk by knowing the common crimes and scams to look out for. For more information and for a free quote, check out my travel insurance page. As for the visa, you won’t need to worry about it if you have Mexican citizenship. If you comply, they will take it and leave you unharmed but a few dollars poorer. The amount you have to pay depends on what you bring with you. If you drive across the border, you will have to park on the Mexico side and walk into the immigration office and pay for the FMM. Note; a little spanish and addressing them as senor helps, they didnt take all of my dough. Hi there, I have never heard of anything like that happening but I guess it’s possible. For more info, you can check out my full review of the Sawyer Mini here. If you choose to move yourself, you’ll have to deal with customs by yourself. I still feel that Tijuana is an excellent alternative to living in San Diego. For more info on the FMM visitors permit, check out my Mexico Visa Guide. The best way to find these movers is through Craigslist. The process for getting a SENTRI Pass goes as follows: The SENTRI application process is actually fairly strict. I believed him. That’s not necessarily the case anymore. I don’t know about the Chinese population. Hello,I'm trying to go to (ta && ta.queueForLoad ? Many of these can be found in Tijuana in one form or another. You typically just drive across without stopping. This is the best way to get around the city. Upon arrival, you’ll have to fill out a short form called the FMM. i make it seem like its very bad until i tell them .. Another crime that you’ll have to be careful of is, Use a money belt to hide your cash, cards, and passport from muggers and pickpockets-, This reduces your loss if you do fall victim to a crime. After they finish their song, they will expect a tip. I need to make the trip over there one of these days. I would say playas de Tijuana is your best option if you want to live on a safer and more relaxed part of town. Also, as a gringo, don’t copy the Mexican style of driving. I guess it depends on your risk tolerance. The newer crossing, which was recently renovated, is located to the east and the old crossing is to the west. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images). San Diego’s Mexican sister city is by far and away the most popular destination in Mexico, and, for that matter, the whole world, for US expats. If you are driving across, there is generally a longer wait. You’ll use shared transportation to get around. I enjoy cycling. They send a driver to San Diego and drive you over the border. Definitely, I was in Oaxaca earlier this year and while the food there was great, I still prefer the Tijuana tacos. When crossing the border into Tijuana with all of your things, you will most likely be stopped by customs. There are some nice rooms and full apartments available that will be much cheaper than staying in a hotel while you get situated in your new city. What are the REAL inherent dangers of living there? When I looked up he said in accentless English, "Your bag is ripping and your bottle's gonna fall out.". After leaving the bar at about 3 am, a prostitute approached me. I would recommend you get a visitors permit on arrival and stay for a few months before applying for the temporary resident visa. Particularly about police corruption and tipping. Tip: Use a money belt to hide your cash, cards, and passport from muggers and pickpockets- This reduces your loss if you do fall victim to a crime. If you’ve done your research and trust the doctor, it’s probably pretty safe. So I have really have no idea what I'm doing lol all I know is I'm flying to San Diego taking trolley to San ysidro and then follow the signs to cross the border.when I called about my passport and told the man I was walking across he said" u ain't trying to get killed now" kinda worried me for a min lol but yes if you know of any places and any hotels please let me know...I really appreciate it thank you. then you say generally its safe for tourists. The average rent in Tijuana is less 1/7th of that at around $300 per month for a one-bedroom or studio in a decent neighborhood like Soler, Mineral de Santa Fe, or Libertad. ). I’ve used the same one for the past 8 years and really like it. The manners here end with ”buenas tardes, ” and customer service isn’t a ”thing.” Need to return something to a store? I just looked it up on the map. Then it failed and I had it fixed in San Diego for a high price. The same goes for anywhere near the border, which should completely be avoided at night. Aside from my passport and drivers license is there anything more you recommend? Yeah, Tijuana is really turning itself around. While walking around town, you may encounter small children selling gum or small trinkets. All you need to cross is your passport. This is my response is just dangerous and safe as san diego is.. Than they ask me what is the worst thing that has ever happen to me in tijuana. Its was 7am, I told him it’s to early to be drinking and I dont even drink liquor; ( I had 3 beers the day prior over 12 hours had gone by) he then says I need to go down to the station with him because I’m driving under the influence and he is going to impound my vehicle for the rear tinted windows. We have all heard the horror stories of kidnappings and killings, but is this mere media hype? Glad you found the info useful. Subscribe to my Newsletter for New Posts and Exclusive Content! Parking on the US side of the border is expensive. Having a driver pick you up in San Diego removes pretty much all of the hassles and dangers of crossing the border. I’m not too familiar with the Tijuana job market. The Tijuana body shops are great. Unfortunately, there are some parts of the city that just aren’t safe to walk. I’m not sure you will know the answer to my question but thought I would try. These are the cartels who are dealing in drugs and trafficking. Prices are similar in Playas de Tijuana. Likely it will always remain a complex, but please don’t feed the drug culture and hopefully it will become safer. Occasionally they’ll stop someone if they look suspicious. They took the phones and wallets from passengers and the taxista’s fares. For most visitors, walking across the border is the way to go. You can purchase this at any pharmacy. 1 decade ago. I’m sure you’ll save some money. You can. When taking Uber in Tijuana, I recommend you try to be a bit discreet about it. They will send you to a cashier to pay. For a bit more info, check out my guide: Average rental prices to expect in Tijuana include: If you’re on a tight budget, you could survive in Tijuana on as little as. You will be stopped for walking down the street without any regard for probable cause, simply because you’re an easy target for them to rob. At night, police don’t patrol the area and most of the bridge cannot be seen from the main road. Moving companies exist in both the San Diego and Tijuana area that specialize in cross border moving services. You’ll have to take a bus or taxi on the Mexico side, cross the border on foot, then take the trolley into downtown San Diego. inside a Tijuana bar during an armed robbery here, best debit card and credit card to use internationally. They’re informative and anxiety easing. Having your own car is convenient but also comes with a few hassles and expenses. Do you have any taco shop recommendations? I don’t think it’s too risky. Are you coming in for for drugs or prostitutes? By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. I wouldn’t tell them that you are living in Mexico. They probably would have charged you for towing, impound fees, and who knows what else. Best places to live in Tijuana are: -Payas de Tijuana -Soler -Agua caliente -Zona rio -Chapultepec.