All other trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective owners. Killian praising him for “modeling exceptional behavior” and “outstanding responsibility”. While relief for “non-violent” offenders remains a staple of talking points and campaign platforms, several candidates are also beginning to wrestle publicly with the question of what to do about violent offenders, amid a party-wide progressive swing on criminal justice policy. 0 Did you know… We have over 220 college “But here we are in California, in 2020, with mandatory prison or jail sentences for non-violent drug sentences,” he said. Alice Johnson was a first-time offender, convicted of nonviolent drug trafficking crimes. Criminal justice reform advocates should be cognizant of the thousands of "Carls" they are unknowingly fighting for, and the "Steves" they neglect, based on this one classification. I beg those who are favoring the non-violent over the violent offender to please look a little deeper and recognize the fact that we are all human beings capable of evolution.”. Prisons are often overcrowded and housing a non-violent offender can lead to issues such as fights, sexual assaults, and theft. ��R��8w30cQ��l��� �Ď��i�V�4zw��f�;Kkz��܋aI�D`��2F���R��c�V��ʽ��v�]7��+���:����@+���N�+x���f[���8�>.���"�s9`��5��i��;�����1H��B*�@�Ɔ��_�� �,��G'�V4���;�Pa���KF�����`2�H������1�0���!+���*|y���yĔ�j�m�����������XHLs���H*���S}h5"3nK9��n8�24��el�2��Z\EoA��f���;�‰k�a�̒G~m��;�gS����7�n���op�1e*_J8₆Rhs��,�7��Ք'J$Bϛ���gt|� �롁�l�i��:��;u�>����Pg� SB 378 would give the judge the ability to decide whether to incarcerate or whether to put someone on probation or diversion. It was 2012, and Ferrell Scott was watching television inside Pennsylvania's Allenwood federal penitentiary when he learned that the sale of marijuana, something he was given a life sentence for just four years earlier, was becoming legal in two states. What steps has Kentucky taken to reduce the number of people who are incarcerated? <]>> He wasn't involved in any criminal activity. A half-way houseis a home that i… America is a world leader in incarceration. Keeping room in our prisons for violent offenders is important. At a justice town hall in October, Cory Booker said of the violent/non violent separation: “we need to challenge that [distinction] publicly.” He noted for one, that the “violent” label has become “warped” from what the general public assumes it means, a point Elizabeth Warren echoed at another criminal justice forum last month. When President Barack Obama embraced justice reform during his second term, nearly all of his energy was focused on the politically safe group of “nonviolent drug offenders,” and such language was mirrored throughout the 2018 bipartisan First Step Act signed by Trump. He’s finished reentry programming too, even though his life sentence means he may never put any of it to use. 0000007580 00000 n It is sponsored by the Drug Policy Alliance. Overcrowding can also have a financial burden on the county or the state. 0000132161 00000 n Keeping a person in prison for a non-violent crime can cause other concerns. The violent/non-violent dichotomy reflects language that’s been baked into criminal justice reform since it began creeping into the political mainstream in the late 2000s. “Current law ties the hands of judges, they are powerless. Colorado had approved its recreational use, the inmate learned from the broadcast, and so had Washington. %PDF-1.5 %���� 0000000016 00000 n In fact, a 2000 California law that requires judges to offer nonviolent offenders substance abuse or mental health treatment instead of prison time is saving the state up to $18 million a year, according to a report by the Judicial Council of California's Advisory Committee on Collaborative Justice. The other guy is a former cellmate of mine named Carl. Both are black, and were sucked into the criminal justice system at the height of the nation’s racially discriminatory and punitive response to crime and drug waves that crested in the early 1990s. American prisons are full of people who have been arrested for low level drug offenses. By and large, there are more non-violent offenders who are incarcerated than violent offenders. (Photo: Provided). {e�3����v�'��yN�q�F��f�J����c���9���9��T�,Y�l永!���(��i�=7RW��BU]���2�yZjƜ�2uٰe�yt�tgU�1��/�xS�\��f��Ik&�n�62����9p�̍88�/dc KX���z����x�����3�J�\Y7�θ�$X_p;�2�n!Cm�yv�&��f. But should it be THE determining factor? This series is being published in conjunction with the Buried Alive Project, which is working on a video-driven Letters From Lifers campaign. Maybe… not convinced… but definitely worth a try… much alcohol/drug abuse is effectively, “self-medication” for MH issues… not all, but much…, Could hardly do worse than the current expensive system which doesn’t work, I could easily opine that both drug enforcement and MH treatment systems are very expensive, and little effectiveness…, I’d roll the dice towards less $$$ for petty drug enforcement, and put it towards MH… but would definitely expect MUCH better outcomes, as part of the ‘deal’…. Create an account to start this course today. What Can You Do With a PhD in Criminology? To give an example of how much 200 grams weighs, it is equal to the weight of a roll of U.S. nickels. But he felt a bit of hope as he watched the framework that had put people like him away without parole begin to crumble. “Every year mass incarceration impacts our families across our state and consumes billions that California should be investing in education, health and mental health programs.”, San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin said, “Mandatory minimums for far too long have disproportionately impacted people of color in poor working communities.”. California needs to reduce our jail and prison population and begin closing down prisons. He’s earned well over 100 program certificates on topics ranging from work skills to conflict resolution. H��W[��6~���K� 3�ǹ$��[s�i�S&�Ec�� N��d�}�EcwO��s�1��;��ΧX��W��+)�Z={}�O���v�l+������uű܈m-�*OK���� d��¯���2�Ӳ,yV�C&i�m�R�DEIZƅ�ޭ~��Z�Au��A��u�C��;q�5�e{�K'R��\z��B���d���`�7�̃�!\}���P����/��H���:�U��ӝ&L����{M���CS�轶��I]4���$J���8 For example, in states like North Carolina and Minnesota drug crimes can be categorized as violent based on the quantity involved or location where they are committed. If an offender cannot be housed in a local facility, the offender may have to be taken out of county or out of state; which will cost taxpayers more money for this service. The goal is to help the drug user to stop their behavior and become a productive member of society. 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