The wafer also boasts good chocolate flavor, as far as these types of cookies go, and a fantastic amount of saltiness, which keeps the cookie from being overly sweet. The cookie has a nice crunch and good chocolate flavor. Superman is not the only super-powered hero. The original crème-filled, chocolate sandwich cookie is back. Go for Oreos. Click here to see the OREO CHALLENGE Part 1: The OREOS are back! Using Facebook, Leaf reached out to Hydrox loyalists to find out how they remembered the cookie tasting and even sent blind samples. But if you visit your local cookie vendor, you’ll discover Famous Amos makes a chocolate sandwich cookie…Newman’s Own has their Newman O’s…and there are always the more generic, off-branded versions as well. Fast forward to 2015, Leaf Brands—a company Liebeg calls a ”retro-peneur” for bringing back vintage classics like the Astro-Pop and Bonkers—acquired the Hydrox trademark and decided to restore the brand to its former glory—but in an entirely modern way. For the record, when I conducted a milk-dunk test of the top five cookies, Newman-O's totally outshone their competitors—but I'm told that my preference for a chocolate sandwich cookie that becomes totally soft and soggy when submerged in milk (for a minimum of 10 seconds, and sometimes upwards of 30) isn't the norm (a revelation I'm still reeling from, TBH). To revisit this article, select My⁠ ⁠Account, then View saved stories. They were so popular that the National Biscuit Company (which later became Nabisco) took note, and in 1912, introduced their own version they named the Oreo cookie. So, with the cookies being less firm and the creme being creamier, it makes sense that, upon eating, the Oreo would become a more homogeneous mix in the mouth and therefore taste of “cookies & cream”. From a purely caloric perspective, you'll be better off with a standard Oreo. In the end, chocolate sandwich cookies are delicious. But founder Jason Liebig, a vintage candy expert who has consulted for shows like “Mad Men”--and gets paid to make sure things seem authentic-- thinks Oreo's dominance didn't just come from the taste. Which is to say with the Hydrox, the flavors and textures of the individual components seemed more distinct. “We didn’t focus on today’s pallet or what we thought would appeal to kids, like Keebler had done. First up, more on the rankings! We tasted only the classic style of chocolate sandwich cookies—with chocolate wafer and white filling (no double-stuffed, no chocolate or mint cremes, no minis, no gluten-free versions, etc.). This may be the reason the Oreo has a faster rate of “Milk Melt”, a term used to describe the time it takes for a cookie to lose its structural integrity due to exposure to a liquid, most often milk (the Milano Cookie having perhaps the fasted rate of Milk Melt). If you're trying to avoid artificial additives, Hydrox may be the way to go with no trans fats or high fructose corn syrup. (And you want total control, Epi contributor Claire Saffitz is ya' girl. This was the case for me even as a child, where I just assumed Hydrox was the “off-brand” version of the Oreo. And any trivialist or food nerd will quickly tell you that the Hydrox pre-dated the Oreo. We tasted them whole, and then twisted-and-separated to taste the component parts on their own. I like a soggy cookie)—and then took a bite. All rights reserved. But Oreos aren't the only chocolate sandwich cookies out there, and we wanted to know which version was the absolute best—including the organic varieties—and if any of them could actually surpass the iconic original. But, if you choose to bite into the whole cookie instead of dissembling it into parts, you'll be rewarded with a wafer that you can bite through without squishing the cream out of the sides and that doesn't break or shatter into a spiderweb of cookie shards. The cream has the best texture by far of any of the cookies we tasted: soft and yielding, like good icing—as opposed to the stiff chalkiness or grittiness found in some other brands—even if it finishes a bit too oily to be perfect. For our methodology and the full list of chocolate sandwich cookies we tasted, scroll to the bottom of the page. To revisit this article, visit My Profile, then View saved stories. And instead of going direct to supermarkets first, where shelf placement can cost as much as six-figures, Leaf went straight to America’s biggest online retailer, While it's true that Oreo is not the original chocolate sandwich cookie—that honor belongs to Hydrox—it's the one most Americans associate with the style. So we assembled a round-up of ten nationally available chocolate sandwich cookies, including Oreos, for a proper taste test. There are few things better than that combo of dark, bittersweet, chocolate cookie and vanilla(-ish) cream, sandwiched together in an addictive package. Also, the crunchiness of a Hydrox is somewhat better than that of an Oreo. At any rate, I found the dunked texture of Newman-O's to be superior to Back to Nature, but on par with Oreo. All rights reserved. Can We Talk About the Fact That There Are 15 Flavors of Cheerios? (Actually, the Oreo wasn't the first chocolate sandwich cookie to hit the market, but we'll get to that later.) One taster commented she didn’t like the creme but the majority thought it was ok. Also noted that when dunked in milk, Hydrox crumbled but this was mentioned as good thing. All of that said, word on the street says the Joe Joe’s from Trader Joe’s are something special…. So we assembled a round-up of ten nationally available chocolate sandwich cookies, including Oreos, for a proper taste test. Oreo quickly overtook Hydrox as the sandwich cookie of choice. The filling seems somewhat sweeter, but the overall balance for me is better in a Hydrox than in an Oreo cookie, it’s less sweet overall. “There's a little bit of childhood in there. Other than a brief reappearance in 2008 for the cookie's 100th anniversary, Hydrox has been absent from store shelves. So, with the cookies being less firm and the creme being creamier, it makes sense that, upon eating, the Oreo would become a more homogeneous mix in the mouth and therefore taste of “cookies & cream”. Sheehan credits these “brand ambassadors” for helping to revive the brand. The biggest distinction our tasters found between a Hydrox cookie and an Oreo is that the former is definitely less sweet. After all of that, and further consumption of cookies, the resulting analysis: Oreos taste like “cookies & cream”. But that sounds pretty clunky. It's been over 3 years since we first did the OREO CHALLENGE, so we thought we'd try it again with 18 new flavors! Sheehan says that flavor was what won over fans decades ago, after Sunshine Biscuit first introduced the Hydrox crème-filled chocolate wafer cookies in 1908 --which soon became the cookie standard served with a glass of cold milk. Since 1995, Epicurious has been the ultimate food resource for the home cook, with daily kitchen tips, fun cooking videos, and, oh yeah, over 33,000 recipes. In 1996, the Keebler Co. bought Sunshine and, three years later, changed the recipe to make the cookie sweeter and renamed the product Droxies. “I don’t think a Hydrox comeback would have worked 10 years ago but thanks to the Internet, and classic cookie lovers, I think these cookies will do really well.”. Quotes displayed in real-time or delayed by at least 15 minutes. It's good in here. We were looking for a cream that was rich and flavorful, but not overly sugary, gritty, or chalky. If a more natural situation without the work is your M.O., Back to Nature it is. I preferred the extra crunch that the Oreos had and found that the flavors were the most … The following day, I took the top four and dunked them into milk, submerging half of each for 10 seconds apiece—what I've since been told is a very generous dunk (what can I say? Hydrox taste like cookies with creme in the center. Oreo vs. Hydrox vs. Newman O’s The other week Scott and I had an Oreo/Hydrox/Newman O’s taste off for no reason at all other than to celebrate having Hydrox around again, at least for a while. Believe it or not, the chocolate creme cookie was a knockoff of the Hydrox, not the other way around. Instead, we wanted to bring back that same Hydrox experience that so many had lived through, from 1908 ‘til the 1990’s.”. Market data provided by Factset. Test 3 – cookies left in milk for longer periods of time. If you buy something through our retail links, we may earn a small affiliate commission. Powered and implemented by FactSet Digital Solutions. The Hydrox, meanwhile, with its more distinct textures, meant more distinct flavors in the mouth. Market data provided by Factset. I started stock-piling the limited edition anniversary packs of Hyrdrox around Christmas. It's difficult to pin down the exact reason why Oreos left Hydrox in the dust. But over the years, despite the throngs of Hydrox fans, sales of the Sunshine Biscuit cookie started falling. For the sake of accuracy and fairness, we're calling this piece the "Chocolate Sandwich Cookie" taste test. As I mentioned above, the Back to Nature tied for first in terms of flavor with classic Oreo cookies. Hydrox are currently the site’s fifth best-selling cooking—behind Chips Ahoy, Milanos and two types of Oreos. ), BUY IT: Back to Nature Classic Creme Cookies, $21 for six (12-ounce) boxes at Amazon. An overly crisp chocolate wafer was too difficult to bite through—either squishing out the creamy middle or breaking into awkward pieces. One Hydrox cookie comes in at 65 calorie with 3 grams of fat and 6 grams of sugar. Also we found we could not get it to twist off with the creme on one side as easily as it’s Hydrox … I may not have been the only one, as years ago the first cookie, the Hydrox, was no longer available for purchase. All products featured on Epicurious are independently selected by our editors. ©2020 FOX News Network, LLC. We decided to put it to our own taste test, as many of our testers hadn't even heard of the cookie. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, Test 5 – the remaining, creme-less cookies sampled. In the longer-term dunk/soak, the Oreo reaches that very delicious state of cookie mush whereas the Hydrox seemed to hold their form with more…tenacity. In fact, it only corrects you if you fail to capitalize the O). MS Word is not the only word processing software. This is definitely the Hydrox I remember as a kid.". To this day, Oreos remain a crowd pleaser—and for good reason. For Liebeg, who grew up eating Hydrox, the cookie he knew and loved as a child passed the ultimate taste test. Since Oreo's inception in 1912, it's been the best-selling cookie in the U.S. right up through the 21st century. The Hydrox’s cookie was crisper/crunchier than that of the Oreo. wacky flavors like Cotton Candy and Red Velvet. “But when you eat an Oreo there’s a thing that just makes you want to grab another. After all, they're the world's best-selling cookie. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement (updated 1/1/20) and Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement (updated 1/1/20) and Your California Privacy Rights. Even though differences are small, they clearly taste very different in a blind taste test.