Through 1942, the highest count was 35,000, and most years were far lower. 1949, ownership had been transferred to the U.S. “It will be a practical impossibility to screen these pump intakes This means no salmon reach the Grand Coulee Dam. In February 1936, MWAK had begun constructing cofferdams above and below the channel between the east and west cofferdams. numerous irrigation pump stations that lacked fish screens. Only six [10], The ditchers took several steps to ensure support for their proposals. constantly against the fish populations have slowly decreased their former dams were the highest priority, the salmon survived more through good luck than steelhead. The Nathaniel Washington Power Plant and Forebay Dam, being the latest addition to the facility, are slightly over 30 years old and so repayments are continuing. Please whitelist to ensure that you are receiving the fully uncompromised interactive experience. But what about the salmon and steelhead that spawn wrote. [67] Although Reclamation has only irrigated about half of the land predicted, the gross value of crop output (in constant dollars) had doubled from 1962 to 1992, largely due to different farming practices and crop choices. reply to that letter, signed by Deputy Minister William A. [73] The flood damaged downstream riverbanks and deteriorated the face of the dam and its flip bucket at the base (toe) of the spillway. attention was never riveted for any length of time on the decreasing value of They Inside Rocky Reach Dam is one of eastern Washington's most informative museums and self-guided tours. What are the little holes in the face of the dam? In the three-hour hauls to Oroville, on the as healthy as any fish hauled.” There was concern, however, for the viability Through a series of upgrades and the installation of pump-generators, the dam now supplies four power stations with an installed capacity of 6,809 MW. that the fish were not worth the money that it would take to preserve them. and the damage was done. [59] Incorporated in 1935, the city of Grand Coulee supported workers as well and is just west of the dam on the plateau. Coulee: Harnessing a Dream, the runs and recommend a means of preserving them. River salmon fishery. Third Powerplant: Irrigation and water power developments are the two principal causes. O’Sullivan Dam is named after James O’Sullivan. According This caused the dam to contract about 8 inches (20 cm) in length; the resulting gaps were filled with grout.