Many school menus now contain too much fat and too many proteins, and not enough calcium or iron. Sorry, don’t know why that happened. Well, the French often do this at home for their first course; but they also know that hungry kids are more likely to eat the veggies if they are served first. And the school menus are just a glimpse into that," she told BuzzFeed Food. Au sens de la présente annexe, on entend par : ( Log Out /  Click here for my weekly posts on delicious school lunch menus from around France. Dessert is usually fresh fruit, but a sweet treat is often served once a week. There are advantages to having only one option on the menu: lower rates of ‘plate waste’ (food thrown out), and positive peer pressure (seeing other children eat a new food increases the likelihood that a child will eat it). Older children usually have to pay for this. This agreement authorizes the child to bring a lunchbox from home, and store it in the fridge at the cantine until lunchtime. In a ‘Tour de France’ of food, I post the school lunch menus from a different village or town in France every week. This is in order to allow them eat their food sufficiently slowly and properly. School canteens provide lunch for those whose parents are at work and who do not bring a packed lunch. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. For instance, Andreasgymnasiet, a Stockholm upper secondary school that teaches around 20 students aged 16 and above, pays its contractor 20 kronor (£1.50) per meal. Some institutions have their own kitchen staff, while others receive meals from a private caterer contracted by the local authority or from a neighbouring school with cooking facilities. How long is your lunch break? Modifications available for vegans, veggies, allergies. Change ). Pingback: Égalité of the stomach, at least | Rachel Hope Cleves, Pingback: School lunch in France | rainbow bento, Pingback: New York City Tours | It is certainly a conversation starter about how we can improve our school lunches by learning from other cultures. What is served in schools does not affect my kids. The cantine was unable to provide a meal for the child, and the school forbid her from bringing a packed lunch :). I am French but live in the US and have to say that Americans would revolt if they had to pay the taxes paid in France. I plant a flower and vegetable garden every year; the girls really like this, and happily eat the produce from their little garden. Cantines were often largely used by poor families in the mid-20th century, as middle- or upper-class mothers would pick up their children and bring them home for lunch. – plus de 4 plats protidiques ou garnitures constitués de produits gras à frire ou préfrits ; We will provide substitutions for food allergies, but not for religious reasons. Sign up for the Tasty newsletter today! This will be accompanied by a pick-and-mix bar of milk, juice, soup and bread, vegetable and fruit. Thanks so much for your comments. In case it’s helpful, I’m posting the relevant portions in French below, and here’s a link to the original document: Click to access journal-officiel-02102011-p58-6069-72.pdf. Your page is now booked marked. im doing a study of french school food in year 8 and this helps me a lot what would be the average servings of food every day for a child with no allergies in highschool. There’s been recent stories where kids have had their balanced lunches taken from them and replaced with that garbage! Hi, Professor Le Billon! However, when striving for something good, such as creating good eating habits in children, using force never seems to be a good solution. Meat with ammonia, processed pizza and fruit in corn syrup, its gross! Are you sure they eat a salad for a starter? Reporting on what you care about. Leeks and pumpkin, endive and chard...& more! Thanks so much for the link (will tweet about it)! How is that even possible? Learning to eat well is actually a form of citizenship training, as odd as that might sound. The garden of vegetables has become so productive that it sells produce to the local community and has become self-sustaining. Since the start of their solids I have been constantly stressed about watching the way kids are being fed around me, the sight of seeing a 2 years old kid holding a pop juice bottle in one hand and a bag of chips in the other when I get out and about is pure agony I am thinking what are doing to that poor kid. (Note: this means that school lunches are under local control, unlike in the US, which has a variety of national programs, like the National School Lunch Program, the School Breakfast Program, and the Special Milk Programme. I work with local farmers, local producers and focus on fresh, seasonal ingredients. Andrea mitchell ! Wonderful article. Self care and ideas to help you live a healthier, happier life. But if this 15% represents percent of calories, then it’s extremely low fat. Jessie, an American who's been living in France for nine years, documents her life in France on her blog thefrancofly. Experts say these guidelines are now outdated, mainly because it has become impossible for school meal providers to serve this many dishes while preserving basic food quality. In practice, pending the publication of new official guidelines, these are used by many councils to check on private caterers: Paris city hall, for example, employs a team of full-time school meals advisers-cum-inspectors. | Mommy Brainer. There are no vending machines in French schools (they are banned by law), and children are strongly discouraged from bringing their own meals from home (and most don’t). Fussy Eater or Picky Eater? "School catering has not been privatised - plans to do so were too unpopular," says Svetlana Tsaregorodtsova, social affairs correspondent for the teachers' newspaper Uchitelskaya Gazeta. But the concept seems amazing! Some authorities' school catering services are run privately, some are not. So what, exactly, do French parents feed their babies? I’ve just started a company to try to offer an alternative to our elementary school’s hot lunch program (which is usually pizza, hotdogs, etc). Do you think that French school lunches are better than American ones? Looks like we are having a problem on the server. I know the main subject of this article is about what food is served, however my question is not about the food. The maximum schools can charge is €4.50 (£3.10) a day. | Mommy Brainer, The history and institution of the Kyushoku — Japanese School Lunch « EDUCATION IN JAPAN COMMUNITY Blog, French Food for Cheaper and Healthier Eating | Credit Tips Today, ¿Por qué los niños franceses comen de todo? (They presented as true allergies, for instance, turkey would cause hives and breathing difficulties.) As this article in the French newspaper Midi Libre explains, there is a high degree of variability from one town to the next. But not all schools will do so. There must be a variety of products which meet pupils' dietary needs. Thanks for your post on such an important topic. Any idea why? Even at state schools, school meals are not free, though help is available to low-income families. | Skip Jump Jersey, Micro-Mindfulness: 5 Quick Tips to Make Any Meal More Satisfying | Share Yoga, Égalité of the stomach, at least | Rachel Hope Cleves, New York City Tours |, Creating Kids Who Eat Anything - Created for Living | Living Well | Healthy Living | Created for Living Well. Hey there! By any chance could you post some ideas to put in. French schools sound as if their way of thinking is the way American schools thought until very recently. However, I believe it saves us money in the long run (in terms of health care costs, for example). I’m now wondering what to do, as my son loses weight during school terms. Lunch is traditionally the largest meal of the day in France, representing (at least according to the French Ministry of Education) 40% of children’s caloric intake. Thanks for your interesting articles. The whole menu is really extra, with a different French cheese everyday. With more and more local councils around France contracting school meals out to private caterers, more appropriate - but still voluntary - guidelines have been drawn up by a number of health and nutrition institutes. The children also have napkins, but the bibs help keep the younger ones tidy! Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. This is a great article that proves that if other cultures manage to feed their kids healthy food, then so can we. I have been analyzing school lunches in both countries starting two years ago. I think the family that eats together stays together! Which is why my son is ravishingly hungry two hours later even on days when he happens to at least like the food enough to eat it. Our responsibility is to provide children with healthy, balanced meals; to develop their sense of taste; to help children, complementing what they learn at home, to make good food choices without being influenced by trends, media, and marketing; and to teach them the relationship between eating habits and health. How to re-think your approach to kids’ meals, French style | Karen Le Billon, Pingback: French School Lunch Compared to American School Lunch: Money Matters | BrightonYourHealth, Pingback: French School Lunch Compared to American School Lunch: Eating Local | BrightonYourHealth. « Kelly Wiggains, Perhaps our k-12 schools should teach French in the cafeteria as well as the classroom. Pingback: Anatole by Eve Titus and A Look At School Lunches in France - Jump Into A Book. Because people are under the illusion that the food is being paid for by ‘someone else’ (and not by taxes which we all pay), school lunches have been made into its own holy institution. The French Ministry of National Education sets a minimum time requirement for children to sit at the table: 30 minutes. (In many cases, municipalities subsidize lower-income families through general tax revenues, and have mechanisms to make meals available free). And definitely not France. We also have children with food allergies. Those complaints are based on the way Americans see things. We wear them out at a great rate. And what to do about it? For dessert: French almond nougat, one of the best French candies. Not all French schools respect the stringent Ministry of Education regulations. Note: unlike the United States, there is no national school lunch program in France. This is free to low-income families, but most have to pay. The question is: What can we learn from the French approach? In Moscow breakfast might typically cost four to seven roubles (8p to 13p) and consist of tea or juice, a small salad, some fruit and cheese, or maybe porridge, a sausage and some yoghurt. Secrets from a French mom: How our family eats healthily everyday, The science behind the French approach to kids food. - Beauty Mommy | Nada Manley | Mom Style | Mom Makeover, this is a great website. Often, schools have a built-in kitchen and dining room. If you think it’s important to have an alternative, please help me spread the word! Many cantines found in many government offices and workplaces were created at the same time. The French system isn’t perfect, but they do believe that (a) learning doesn’t stop in the lunchroom and (b) it’s the job of parents (and also teachers) to teach kids to eat well.