(Judging based on coherence THE ARTS OF FASHION FOUNDATION COMPETITION 2020 | PRELIMINARY JUDGING - JUNE 11, He Yike – JAPAN – Tokyo | Bunka Fashion Graduate University, THE ARTS OF FASHION COMPETITION 2020 | SELECTED CANDIDATES, Siyang Li– ITALY – Florence | Polimoda Institute of Fashion Design & Marketing - Please read carefully the regulations below and remember that the AoFF Competition is open to students registered in a School or University during the year 2019/2020. With regards to the rise of design competitions being increasingly managed by fashion businesses and their communication offices for commercial gains, the Arts of Fashion Foundation is proud to assure students that the Arts of Fashion competition has been organized by a group of volunteers and designers for more than 10 years with no commercial motives. This largest fashion illustration competition encourages students to explore fashion through observation, abstract experimental thinking and practice. Ricard Baldoma Larrosa – SPAIN – Barcelona | Felicidad Duce Fashion School | LCI Barcelona Jian Su – CHINA – Shanghai | Donghua University Wenny Trifena Sitania– INDONESIA – Jakarta | LaSalle College Jakarta Shiwei Zhao – CHINA – Beijing | Tsinghua University - Kyunghee Pyun is an Associate Professor at the Fashion Institute of Technology, State University of New York. USA – Providence, RI | Rhode Island School of Design
Thankful to our partner YKK Global, Museums in Paris and San Francisco and to each jury member and volunteer joining this special edition, contributing to the success of this international competition – all about creativity in Fashion since 2001.
Regarding the health concerns with the corona virus and the fact that the preliminary judging will be hosted in Europe, registration will be open up to APRIL 15, 2020. AMENDMENT SUSPENSION TERMINATION INSURANCE In the event A chapter of our story with tales from behind the scenes. Les Arts Decoratifs - Paris, FRANCE Boqun Huang – CHINA – Beijing | Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology Zhouyu Zhang – CHINA – Wuhan | Hubei Institute of Fine Arts See virtual learning and programs >>, Online Private Tutoring: Adults and Children, Understanding the Dao De Jing (Tao Te Ching)《道德经》, Reading Modern Chinese Literature: Short Stories (II) (1918-1950), Online Immersive Mandarin Summer Program for Children, Visit China Institute at 40 Rector Street, 2nd Floor, Subscribe to China Institute’s monthly events newsletter. Young Kim – S. KOREA – Seoul | Samsung Art and Design Institute Hanoi-born painter Bui Duc, famed for his lacquer paintings, surprised his fans when he presented his latest artworks at an exhibition that opened in the capital on Friday night. Your safety is our first priority. Jian Su – CHINA – Shanghai | Donghua University Teresa Gallardo – SPAIN – Barcelona | Felicidad Duce Fashion School | LCI Barcelona of a tie, the President of the Jury will cast the deciding vote. Yue He – CHINA – Chongqing | Chongqing University of Education - If they may result in any copyright infringement or legal dispute for Young Kim – S. KOREA – Seoul | Samsung Art and Design Institute if you are asked by the shipper a declared value, please give to each garment bag a 20 Euro value, the total value for your shipment should be below 45 Euro. 4th CHINA – Wuhan | Hubei Institute of Fine Arts STEP Melissa Valdes Duque – COLOMBIA – Medellin | Colegiatura Colombiana