PoliceWatch was founded in 1995 as a hotline for victims of police brutality, lawyer referral, and compilation of a database on officers named in complaints. Help fellows gain research and leadership skills. [4], Books Not Bars and its ally, Youth Force Coalition, focused on derailing the proposed construction of one of the nation's largest new juvenile halls in Oakland's Alameda County. The Ella Baker Center has a mission to ensure dignity and opportunity for low-income and colored people. 1,697 pageviews, Share this Nonprofit [1] The Ella Baker Center supports better schools, cleaner environment, and more opportunities for young people and working people.[2]. We created a resource guide to support people navigating through the resentencing process. In the same year, Books Not Bars helped get the Family Communications Act signed into law. They are only three out of many talented people who work with the EBC, but their passion and life experiences really pushed me to start trying to make a real difference in the issues I cared about. [15], "Van Jones, Speak Truth to Power Defender", "Settlement Will Bring Reform to CYA Facilities", "List of recent deaths at the hands of law enforcement in the Bay Area", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Ella_Baker_Center_for_Human_Rights&oldid=983904643, Civil liberties advocacy groups in the United States, Civil rights organizations in the United States, Government watchdog groups in the United States, Non-profit organizations based in California, Organizations based in Oakland, California, Criminal justice reform in the United States, Articles with unsourced statements from April 2016, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. There, she worked with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to organize the Southern Christian Leadership Conference.

For more information, contact the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights' Organizing Manager: Jose Bernal, jose@ellabakercenter.org [4], Between 2004 and 2006, the youth prison population was lowered by more than 50 percent. The Ella Baker Center for Human Rights is a non-profit strategy and action center based in Oakland, California.

We organize at: the grassroots local level focusing on and funding, the state level focusing on changing policy [to free our people], and. Ella Baker: The Unsung Hero Of The Civil Rights Movement. Soul of the City is the most recent Ella Baker Center endeavor. She subsequently graduated in 1927 as valedictorian of her class. Through this campaign, the Ella Baker Center is working to ensure that this green economy is strong enough to lift people out of poverty. Like Baker, Parks adopted a philosophy of nonviolent protesting. [8] Third Eye Movement became a national example of a new generation of hip hop activism. Then Proposition 21, an initiative that would increase a variety of criminal penalties for crimes committed by youth and prosecute many youth offenders within the adult criminal justice system, reached the California ballot. Lead community service and community solutions programs. I started volunteering with the Ella Baker Center and met three incredible women doing extremely important work. They found the strength to turn the tragedy of their sons' incarceration into a passion for change. The group raised money to aid local movements in the South. The Ella Baker Center for Human Rights continues her work today. Learn more about the ongoing work of the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights and Forward Together by joining our mailing lists. They had made a mark for themselves by using Hip Hop as a tool to help bring about social change. The Ella Baker Center is a fabulous place to work. Hanusa "[2] As billions go into eco-friendly construction, clean technology, urban agriculture and renewable energy, Green-Collar Jobs Campaign works to ensure that low-income people will be able to take part in these new opportunities. As Baker entered college at Shaw University in Raleigh, N.C., she challenged school administrators to change policies that she thought were unfair to students.

One person who attended Baker’s workshops in the 1940s was a woman named Rosa Parks. She called on members of the NAACP to help register voters, train local leaders, and provide support to people staging protests and sit-ins in Greensboro and elsewhere. Organize parents and families of incarcerated youth through local chapters of "Families for Books Not Bars", the state's only network of families with incarcerated children. Serve Our City projects emphasize interconnectedness, healing, and hope.

[20], Books Not Bars criticizes the DJJ not only as an abusive system, but also an ineffective one. The Oakland Green Jobs Corps launched in 2008 and was the model for California’s Green Corps. The campaign once known as Let's Get Free became Silence the Violence, a youth-led campaign based on the idea that increased opportunity for young people can bring peace to Oakland streets, not more policing or incarceration. Each of them worked or volunteered with the Ella Baker Center, and each of them were mothers of young men who had been incarcerated in the California Youth Authority. Ella Baker Center for Human Rights 1419 34th Ave, Suite 202, Oakland, CA 94601. Carla Perez, an organizer at fellow Bay Area non-profit Communities for a Better Environment, states, "Ella Baker Center really opened up the door for the whole local environmental justice movement to come together and reach a wider audience through this event. Named for one of the lesser-known civil rights leaders, the Ella Baker Center said of itself, "This is not your parents' civil rights organization. The Ella Baker Center for Human Rights is named after a brilliant, Black hero of the civil rights Freedom Movement who inspired and guided emerging leaders. [4] Third Eye Movement split and the Oakland chapter developed a new Ella Baker Center campaign, 'Let's Get Free'. [1]

The video produced by the Ella Baker Center after this success was highly acclaimed at festivals such as the Human Rights Watch Film Festival 2006. Learn more about the ongoing work of the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights and Forward Together by joining our mailing lists. (0:19) What the Ella Baker Center is doing to support its staff through the stresses of the coronavirus, police brutality, and political strife (1:20)

> Civil Rights My mission in life and the work of the Ella Baker Center is to defend and advance these rights. Mission Based in Oakland, California, the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights (EBC) advances racial and economic justice to ensure dignity and opportunity for low-income people and people of color. [23] The program is working to transform Oakland into a socially just, spiritually connected, ecologically sustainable city with shared prosperity for all. We believe in people-powered change. [18] The campaign focuses on the fact that inside the DJJ, formerly known as the California Youth Authority (CYA), young people are subjected to unusually harsh conditions, as instances of 23-hour-a-day solitary confinement for months at a time, lock-ups in small cages during class time and denial of basic medical care are common. Geographic areas served: Oakland, Alameda County, and California. *The Ella Baker Center for Human Rights was founded on this date in 1996. Following in her footsteps, we organize with Black, Brown, and low-income people to shift resources away from prisons and punishment, and towards opportunities that make our communities safe, healthy, and strong . "[9][10] Due in part to this movement,[citation needed] Bay Area counties were the only ones in the state to reject Proposition 21 in March 2000, but it passed statewide, part of a national wave of increasing penalties for crimes that has contributed to over-incarceration in the United States.