One of the if not really THE most talked about fragrances of all time (although BR 540 seems to have caught up quite a bit in the past couple of months), and apparently one of the most controversial. While the Aventus for Her has been received well, it has different ingredients and only partly reminiscent of the Creed Aventus. I have had 3 bottles of this now, and I do love it. I’d get in trouble with any man who wore this on a date. 17W11 is a great “darker” batch that has great longevity, projection,& silliage. At the end of the day a lot of people aren’t going to invest the money into this $200-$400 bottle depending on size of the bottle. This is the King guyz. Rating: This falls into Millennial perfumery for me and I just cannot get on with it, my samples are from a handful thrust into my bag after buying some Miller Harris stuff for my wife, back in 2010. Some small variations may be found here. While, I’ve read elsewhere, that Creed Aventus is other folks most complemented cologne. It's important to note how strong the woods are here. Went on a testing spree while on holidays. It's hard to find a reviewer who doesn't like Aventus. While it might be removed from the market at some point as Creed has many with hundreds of fragrances, it remains a strong seller. Click here to try Aventus: Creed Aventus Creed 4 OZ Millesime Spray For Men. This [Aventus] feels like a wood paneled man cave with roses in vases. @ Chesco, I could be wrong but I've heard from a perfumer that pineapple isn't actually used in fragrances because it can cause severe skin allergies and so it is simply a pineapple accord that has been created. The mesmerizing Vetiver Cologne impresses those seeking a timeless appeal. Arrogant, ego-driven individuals who seek ultimate power and success for its own sake. As many of these similar perfumes, it also opens with a strong citrus note. Apart from these indicators, how the labels are added to the bottle can also be an indicator. I understand that is an obnoxious statement but congruent with my reaction and the perfume's inspiration. Whilst this cologne has lost it's smoke, there is no smoke without fire. Here are the main positive aspects of the Aventus as understood by connoisseur and regular wearers. Again, the first few minutes are when it’s at its most ‘in your face’, and even then it’s not as powerful as some of the so-called ‘club beasts’. But most men mention applying this premium perfume on the chest as well. Base Notes: musk, oak moss, ambergris, and vanilla. This section of the fragrance is much like a brisk October day, spent outdoors, walking along a forest of birch trees. The fruitiness with it's pineapple overtones and a smoky background is like no other. It works, but not in any way unique. There’s the obvious signs of non-genuine products, the usual things to look out for are the quality of the smaller things including the logos, graphics and style, the bottle top and box. To me, it smells nice but nothing extraordinary, Mont Blanc Explorer and Insurrection pure2 shouldn’t even be listed as comparable fragrances to Aventus, IP2 smells a LITTLE like Aventus for maybe like 2 seconds and Mont Blanc just smells like Dior sauvage with pineapple added to it, super super synthetic alcohol mess... parfums vintage emperor shouldn’t be number 1 for comparable fragrances to Aventus, it truly is the Aventus killer smh. The mysterious dirty side of Aventus 13Z01 is what makes it sexy to women not the pineapple. However, since it has a strong pineapple kick, the Aventus may still be applied scarcely with 2 sprays. Very captivating I want to bury my face on someone wearing it. If you’re looking for a big night out scent or something that oozes masculinity, there’s plenty of alternatives to Creed Aventus you could try. Very masculine. Yes, we are still talking about this newsletter. I have a 10ml decant for sale with 2-3 sprays missing. However, it’s far from the complexity of the Aventus and it might just be one of the cheaper games on the market which also has major differences according to the batch number. @Diggi well said, it definitely starts with same vibe as Brut sport. Don’t go overboard and use a lot, because it really isn’t necessary with this cologne. Creed Aventus smells very masculine, adult, high quality or expensive, sometimes a bit harsh (through musk and ambergris) but noble. Its happy zesty side makes it great for casual wear on a hot summer day and its smoky accord turns it into a classy formal fragrance for a winter night. That’s sad not only because you can’t get a 30ml bottle anymore, but also because the larger bottles are a different shape. Aventus is one of my favorite scent profiles. Not much pineapple in this batch tho. I wont add anything here that hasnt already been said but here's my two pence worth. Women may prefer the unisex Creed Aventus for various reasons. As the warm and familiar Creed ambergris note comes alive and is joined by the ubiquitous sweetness that is vanilla. Weak reformulated garbage SAVE YOUR MONEY!! I've now tried a few different batches, including a 'vintage'. Several years ago I wrote a Creed Aventus review that called the perfume the choice for soulless careerists. Read Mark Behnke's full review here: Fragrance Review: Creed Aventus: The Life of Napoleon from Top to Base Notes. The original formula from 2010 is what Aventus is to me, and always will be. But I can’t do the milky creamy dry down at times. The perfume is also not meant for the young wearer as it has a classier profile. Check out my Press Page here, Men's Grooming » Creed Aventus Review – Is It Worth The Price? @Nick30 nah Mont Blanc explorer gets very close to Aventus. overall a great versatile fragrance. So you’re still going to stand out from the crowd. CDNIM has the exact same smoky woods vibe in aventus' drydown, however it is missing that Signature musky Creed base and that Fizzy pineapple note. Top notes are Pineapple, Black Currant, Bergamot and Apple; middle notes are Birch, Patchouli, Moroccan Jasmine and Rose; base notes are Musk, oak moss, Ambergris and Vanille. They’re also a genuine perfume house, and produce the fragrances in house, rather than licencing out their name to a mass manufacturer. Knowing absolutely nothing about fragrances or the hype this one has I happened to smell this at a dillards and started my fragrance journey. DUA did a decent thing and made a copy with added ambroxan . What does the user say about this product? Will i buy it again? The scent really is amazing in my opinion, I'd never smelt anything like it before. It's a very fresh, somewhat fruity smell that doesn't smell of one fruit in particular, but is probably some variation of bergamot with a little apple or something added in. And i smell a note like dust in this.. really, I smell nothing but dust and a tiny hint of mint and pineapple.