I wonder if those that that had trouble with it didn’t wait for it to thicken? I also used nice semi-sweet choc chips Guittard (https://www.guittard.comhttps//www.nationalgallery.ie/press-release-1532017) and liked the result very much. Thank you. sigh. Well, I have made this fabulous recipe so many times with excellent results. This time, my toddler was driving me up the wall, my husband was doing everything wrong, I lost my mind and took it off the stove too early. I also used 1% milk because that’s what I had and it was thick, smooth, rich and all together amazing! Tempered, but the addition of eggs. Easy. Would this recipe work with a dairy substitute like almond milk?? (Deservedly so.). This pudding recipe is my new favorite. Once you have everything mixed together, heat until nearly boiling, stirring every 30 seconds until the pud is thick. Rich, smooth, fast without a lot of dishes…Yay! And ALL thanks to you! Cooking defines me more than I define it. But that would detract from the one bowl nature of the recipe. 1/4 cup cornstarch Will try again with right ingredients. Perhaps this is where I went wrong…. Hi! Yum. I can’t wait to use this in a chocolate pie!!! Stir You will need to watch carefully near the end so it doesn’t boil over.
Good luck! It was a perfect grown up not-that-much-guilty pleasure.

Added, as another commenter has said, some powdered instant coffee. Thanks for recipe! They look so delicious and have got me drooling over them even though I am sick and full of cold. I’m thinking perhaps I could make butterscotch sauce and use it in this pudding instead of the chocolate? The pudding? Chocolate Pudding Pie. fast, simple, easy. This was fast, easy, and very good-my favorite combination. It did not set. Seriously, though: quality pudding skin. I just heated it slightly in the microwave, stirred it a little, and it tastes very nearly like it was just made. cook it will bubble and the sugar will harden. I don’t know if anyone wrote this, but I just put all of the ingredients (other than the chocolate and vanilla) into a big pot, turned it on high and whisked like mad and it started to boil and get thick quickly.

thank you thank you thank you! !I was overseas and was missing chocolate pudding swiss miss this reminds me of it. Chocolate Pudding – the ultimate chocolate comfort food. I am 33 weeks pregnant and made this in about 15 minutes when I suddenly had a craving for chocolate last night (which is a new thing for me, I do NOT have a sweet tooth!). I highly recommend it for any vegans (or non vegans) out there. You weren’t kidding – there is no need for any other chocolate pudding recipe – ever! So I think the lid prevented it from setting, maybe kept it too hot or has something to do with the condensation? Tried a Mark Bittman recipe for vanilla a few wks ago, and that was even worse (although it could be b/c I used 2%…). After about 5 minutes on the stove in a sauce pan today…utter, thick deliciousness! By your standards how thick should a pudding be?

Sift the flour into a bowl; add the butter, eggs and sugar, then beat with an electric whisk for 1 min or until well combined. I’ve a bottle of Baileys Crème Liqueur (which is cream and Irish whisky) must be drunk/consumed fairly quickly cos of cream content – I’m wondering if you could substitute some of the milk for this? Doubled recipe, used fresh GOATS MILK, absolutely AWESOME!!!!! The butterscotch don’t melt as easily and take *way* more stirring, but oh! That should work, I have a friend who substitutes milk all the time. I hadn’t made pudding for years, now I’m making it twice a week. Thank you for putting up the recipe though! Thank You for sharing. With the many times that I used this recipe I learned a thing or to from laziness/forgetfulness. Yay!! Thank-you so much for posting it online!!! And it’s so, so delicious. I loved this.
This is the best chocolate pudding, and so easy, and so foolproof. I heated it for 4 minutes in friend’s microwave and it was fabulous! It’s so hard to focus amid chaos! Oh, and Ghiradelli bittersweet chocolate chips work great for this recipe! I’ve made this recipe twice now and IT DOES NOT DISAPPOINT!

THE best chocolate pudding recipe. I can practically taste it! Sometimes I look at older recipes and wonder how people survived in the old days with such minimal amounts of the good stuff. I used 60% Ghirardelli and then added 1/4 cup black cocoa at the end. I’m not sure why you’d need to use a double boiler when there are no eggs in this recipe anyway. Kept it on the double boiler for a bit longer than 20 minutes (maybe closer to half an hour to thicken? Could you please just do desserts and baked goods from now on? I enjoy your sense of humor and your recipes are wonderful. it was more the color of generic storebought hot chocolate mix, very light. IS that why it wouldnt’ get thick? I’m trying it this weekend. I didn’t even have to strain and it came out perfectly creamy. Thanks for the recipe.

I used Scharfenberger semisweet choc. If you’re concerned about lumps: Run mixture through a fine-mesh strainer. I made this as a kid 1960s from a cookbook and have since lost the recipe for proportions. It’s so nice that there are no eggs in it.