Although it is not a statutory requirement, employers can choose to offer staff the opportunity to take a period of compassionate leave, should they suffer a bereavement or experience some other particularly distressing episode in their personal life. In the absence of any contractual provision, how you deal with unpaid leave and whether you allow it is at your discretion, though you should look towards any past instances of a request for unpaid leave in your organisation for guidance in this current situation. Also, the Annual Leave Anniversary Date cannot be changed if you are using a Common Anniversary Date. Such periods are typically used for study, travel, or voluntary work and are often recognised as a good way to retain skilled staff who may have other interests outside of work, allowing them to pursue these without needing to leave the organisation entirely.

The right is connected to the child and does not restart when an employee starts a new job. The other option available if you have not processed the unpaid leave, is to go to Prepare Pays > Enter Pays, select the employee and click Leave, then click the ellipsis (...) button by the divisor and override the number of weeks. To spend time with a child under 18 (known as parental leave), subject to certain conditions being met. appointments with the doctor or dentist (unless the employee is pregnant in which case you have to allow paid time off for ante natal appointments). Where the employee has the right to take unpaid leave. This may entail moving your PAYE period back to process the unpaid leave. For example, your organisation might have a policy on unpaid leave that includes a right for an employee with over ten years of service to apply for a career break of up to twelve months in length. Many employers will be aware of a worker’s annual entitlement to paid annual leave, however, fewer will be aware of an individual’s ability to take a periods of unpaid leave. If you provide the employee with work to do at home, then they will no longer be considered to be on medical suspension. It is considered that 1-2 days will be adequate for this. However, a year is a long time, so the policy needs to make clear that there could be no job for the employee at the end of their career break, and that they have no rights to sue you in this scenario.

Employees aren’t entitled to take leave without pay; they can only take it if their employer agrees. In the case of time off that you have to grant by law, again, the reason for it will be the key. As the Covid-19 outbreak continues in nations around the world, there is growing concerns over the uptick of cases in South Korea, Japan, Iran and Italy. This can be a real incentive to retain good people.

Employers should also set very clear expectations on the work that is required of them during the work from home period. According to their email, if an employer deducts salary or forces workers to take their annual leave, they can lodge a complaint at the nearest Department of Labour Branch (Check HERE). Please don’t enter any personal information—if you need more help, get in touch with our support team. This is a temporary option as once the Annual Leave Rate calculation has been changed by the override in the divisor and the pay processed, the following pay period will reset the divisor to its original number. In order to apply for unpaid parental leave, an employee must have been employed by you for at least one year and be the child’s parent or have parental responsibility. Is it a legal responsibility to use their entitlement first before being granted unpaid time off? We support small businesses with useful guides and advice – especially with the recent outbreak of coronavirus. It is important to note that some categories of workers, such as the police and agency workers, cannot take time off for public duties.