The one off Piccadilly Circus is their best. Simply perfect. Substantial.ME London Hotel, 336-337 The Strand London, WC2R 1HA (020 7395 3450, Why go? Clearly, mot everyone thinks grass-fed British beef is the best, but, after tasting meat from around the world, Hawksmoor do. Macellaio RC Fitzrovia (Goodge St) 3. Accompanied by its signature salad starter and frites cut by hand to a specific width, the real magic of Le Renais de Venise lies in its famous "secret recipe" steak sauce; the ingredients remaining a mystery since its inception in 1959. Little black numbers and debonair formalwear are strongly advised.What's the steak like? The coolest London events from our partners. Goodman offers a 350g New York strip (a sirloin to you or I) and a 400g ribeye, both costing a little over £20. Nestled in the heart of Leadenhall, Omnino is a family run affair that prides itself on its connections with South American ranch suppliers and a certain artistry in grilling meat. All six London sites are first rate, the beef usually near perfect, but – though the original Spitalfields site is cooler and the downstairs bar terrific, and the Air Street site more beautiful – the Guildhall site is the best, where they’re less heavy handed with the salt. Whether you sit in the grand main room, or opt for the back terrace, you're sure to find a much-needed oasis in the centre of London. Mash Steak. MASH is also one of the best steak restaurants in London for starters, sides and sauces. So good it’s an institution.30 Bruton Pl, London W1J 6NL (020 7499 1210 They charge by the 100g which means that, because hunger is a light that needs to be switched off, it’s easy to spend a fortune by vastly overestimating your growling stomach. Its meals are well priced for the quality, as well as offering a full Halal menu. Cozy, authentic, unassuming, maybe not the words that suggest one of the capital’s best destinations for fine foods but once you give it your attention, The Bull Steak Expert will leave a lasting impression. If you’re happy to pay for it, the Boisdale restaurants rarely fail for a good (read: boozy) time. If you want to break the bank, check out the Rubio Gallega Txuleton at £12 per 100gm its a delicious steak worth every pound. The don’t move the meat around much on the grill here, so it comes nicely charred, burning with salt, full of flavour. It comes in minimum quantities so enormous (and pricey) you'll need to choose your company carefully — this is a spot for people who want to eat a lot of good meat, and don't mind dropping a serious amount of cash on it. Any of Hawksmoor's five London branches offers an experience that's relaxed but professional with interiors that have the glamour and colour palette of a Christmas Day period drama. A server helps you select the best size and cut for you from a tray of raw steak, allowing you to admire the dense, creamy fat and impressive marbling of their USDA New York Strip, Porterhouse or pure Scottish fillet before it's blessed with the Josper grill. ‘The Cut’ menu is the one to choose from, where it’s really the best of what they have. Still, it’s the sort of place to come for dry martinis, lobster and white wine, rib-eyes and red wine, and brandy to cap it all off. 020 3441 6996., Why go? After leaving, he founded M Restaurants, starting with the clubby one in the city, which remains very much a boys affair. Roxies has long been one of my favourite London steakhouses and in my opinion, serves some of the best steak in London. The dining room is art deco gorgeous, the bar is first rate and the wine list justifiably pricey. While we’re not huge fans of Jamie Oliver’s other restaurants, Barbecoa (St Paul) offers consistently excellent steak in a modern and gorgeous restaurant. The menu's comprehensive, offering rump, NY strip, fillet, sirloin, rib eye and T bone, all aged for between four and six weeks, with prices starting at just £15. Their tasty strips of succulent steak come of a bed of chips or inside of a filling sandwich. This site uses cookies to improve your experience and deliver personalised advertising. Be it a business dinner, a social outing with friends and family or if you simply happen across the place on a walk around Holborn, this is one hidden gem that is certainly worth the slightly above average blow to your wallet.What's the steak like? You may not be able to try them all, so narrow down your to-eat list with the help of this meaty mood-board of the best steak in London. It’s not often that a restaurant gets a shot in London after putting down roots elsewhere, but Brighton’s, {{#singleComment}}{{value}} comment{{/singleComment}}{{^singleComment}}{{value}} comments{{/singleComment}}. With a menu rivalling all others across the capital, you really do get the most for your money. Simply look nonchalant and choose the Glenarm Estate porterhouse steak for two to share (£85) – the one that looks like a giant T – sip your Hix’ Fizz cocktail, and nibble on some radishes dipped in butter. Out of the city and just off the Strand, Smith & Wollensky is the place for an American steak. It’s not unfair or an undersell to call the Guinea Grill in Mayfair a pub, because that’s exactly what it is; popping in for a pint, it’s as unstuffy as one would hope. Not every restaurant in London can do a perfectly pink and piping-hot medium rare, but it’s fair to say this town has a lot of excellent steak specialists. Being the first Wolfgang Puck restaurant in Europe, let alone London, introduced by none other than the Dorchester Collection pretty much instantly qualifies Mayfair’s Cut at 45 Park Lane as being among the finer things in life. If the way the Yank’s do the stuff is your thing, then the Modern American Steak House (MASH) would seem the obvious choice, except the name of this Danish place is misleading. It's an oft-fought battle, and for good reason — the accolade of London's best steak is serious business. It's a no reservations place, but get there early for lunch and you should have no problem grabbing a table. For the full effect, match with their excellent fries and sauces, or if you are not planning on running a marathon the next day (or moving at all), then the golden dauphinois.What’s the steak like? They’re big on American spirits, too; the selection of rye and bourbon is staggering. The dining room is art deco gorgeous, the bar is first rate and the wine list justifiably pricey. Their boast, besides the Damien Hirst’s on the wall and the views out over Hyde Park, is the selection of Wagyu on offer, which is the largest in London, sourced from America, Australia and, of course, Japan. Not that we're complaining, since great wine accompanied even better food. The wine list is cracking, the service is the way it used to be done. We're emotional thinking about it.10 Basinghall Street, London, EC2V 5BQ (020 7397 8120, Why go? Pair with the black garlic chimichurri and you’ll throw your head back in pleasure. Sides can add up (though the aubergine is a must), and if you’re hungry, you’ll want another steak (spending another £10), but otherwise, the chain’s a good-’un, with our favourite on Denmark St. Charred via their audaciously fiery set-up in the middle of the restaurant, the steak comes perfectly seasoned with just the right mix of gnarl and yield. Hawksmoor are right. The four sites all seem to reflect their owner, Ranald Macdonald; faintly aristocratic, game for a laugh, possibly slightly mad. Despite the cost (just £10, £15, and £35 respectively), they’re among the best GQ has tasted in London, at a fraction of the cost. Thank You. Gaucho was also the training ground for Martin Williams, who was the managing director there for nine years, where he picked up the nickname Mr Gaucho. Terrific stuff at £32. They’re generous with the sides, the wine is uniformly gluggable and it’s always busy, which says it all. Recently named the Best Steakhouse on London’s Southbank, Gillray’s Steakhouse & Bar is known for it’s Aberdeen Angus steak. The best steak in SW London, simply great cuts, generous portions and full of flavour in a ’no frills’ restaurant. You can check out our full review here. The other two have been replaced with galacian sirloin and rib-eye (decent at £19.50) or a 200g cut of Chateaubriand for £16.50, which is a bargain. The restaurant boasts a cool and rustic look with exposed brick walls, wooden floors and leather seating, with the corresponding motto ‘real food for real people, no pompous surroundings, no fuss just excellent quality traditional food served in a relaxed and enjoyable way‘. Steak is reliable, but almost never exactly alike; sometimes it is the padding of fat, melted down till it is comforting as a childhood blanket, that does the trick. Steak can cost, but it doesn’t have to. Fear not, as Lurra’s Grade 9 (non-dairy cow derived) beef is exceptional: flamed to perfection on a wood grill and served very simply with its fat intact (important). Good fun, then. Similarly, on the fringes of the city is the family-owned Bife, another Argentinian place. This is demonstrated by the banging sandwiches that The Beefsteaks whip up with little more than a portable griddle and a gazebo. The top 10 steakhouses in London (2019) 1. The beauty of steak is its easy-breezy nature; there's a size, shape and cooking technique to suit every schedule. A City Girl Exploring London and the World, Duck and Waffle Local | The New Casual Dining Concept …, Divine Proportions at The Vaults | A Debaucherous Dinner with …, 8 Amazing Immersive Dining Experiences in London | Unique London Nights …, Pizza Union | Central London’s Best Pizza on a …. Undeniably delicious. Sagardi is a basque inspired steakhouse serving outstanding steak from northern Spain. If you’re happy to pay for it, the Boisdale restaurants rarely fail for a good (read: boozy) time. Beast (Marylebone/Bond St Station) 5. Each of the five London posts has a different vibe (Air Street is our favourite) where you can enjoy impeccably cooked juicy steaks to your heart's content. Goes to….. The steaks aren’t cheap, but they aren’t a fortune either (£37 for a fillet) and the room is charmingly untouched; it’s been the same since the 50s, meaning you’ll eat in the same surroundings Sinatra did. The kitchen centres around the charcoal grill (aka la parrilla) where traditional methods see everything from smoked provolone cheese to Iberico pork cooked slowly until perfectly soft in the middle and charred on the edges. Flat Iron offers the best value steak in London. If you’re looking for something a little different go for the Uruguayan cuts, with MASH being one of the only places in London serving them., Why go? The house cut, for which the restaurant is named, is what used to be known at Butler’s steak. On shining white plates, black charred lines clashing with bright pink insides can console, sate, seduce. Steaks here are loud, proud and flown in from around the world for Londoners willing to part with the cash. MASH is a popular Danish steakhouse, yes the Danes know their meat, based in the Piccadilly area of Soho in London. Dry-aged sirloin and ribeye come in at £24.50, so hardly inexpensive, and the specials board can run over £30, but if you’re looking for a cheaper bite, a flat iron is £15.50. The cocktails are cheap but incredibly strong, and the steak sandwich and Sunday roast (pictured above) are to die for. Available at both lunch and dinner, the cut is part of a daily changing menu of cuts, so check before you head down there. Wait till you head to the pub’s old-school Grill room (pausing en route to glance inside the refrigerator cabinet showing off the various cuts of beef on offer), found your white-clothed table, settled into a glass of Rioja and bitten into a Guinea Grill steak for the first time. Today there are four branches in London, still being run by the daughter of the founder M de Saurs, Madame Helene Godillot.What's the steak like? Once you've sampled Hawksmoor, you'll never go anywhere else. TRIAL OFFER: 3 Issues for £1. Although the steak alone is excellent, I recommend going for the ‘All In’. They simply have an 800g serving of Basque beef, the Galician Blond, which comes from a 14-year-old Rubia Gallega.