These 10 potent perfumes for a start. Best niche fragrance for women? We love the apothecary style bottles and their scientific approach to perfumery. Oud Bouquet is a sumptuous and impressive fragrance, in which a sensual rose with velvet petals is accompanied by rich and deep woody notes. I only recommend brands I trust. Amouroud is born out of The Perfumer’s Workshop, a respected fragrance company from the US who has created iconic fragrances such as Tea Rose. The powerful juice is housed in minimalistic hexagonal bottles that are evocative of Andy Tauer’s structural and methodical approach to perfumery. Inspired by history, this brand creates scents that are based on famous people in the past or a specific era. All their fragrances have an incredible backstory create by the perfumer, Josh Meyers. These fragrances are powerhouses and one spray is all you need!

Imagine the lush rainforests where the elephant resides or the floral garden where the nightingale flourishes, these are the landscapes these perfumes will take you to. Notes: Spices, Praline, Rose, Woody Accord, Vanilla.

Shop Women's Niche Fragrances Online and find the most Exclusive Brands. With so many stories to choose from, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a story you won’t fall in love with. Thus creating fragrances that are not only beautiful, but utterly imaginative as well. Inspired by the American West and the masculinity of the great American cowboy, this has enough sensuality to intoxicate any man or woman. Spray on Kiehl’s version and you immediately evoke skin and sin in equally joyous parts. Posted by Ventvenir | Dec 17, 2019 | Best of Lists. Raffaello Network S.p.A. - VAT: IT10610220013 - Piazza San Carlo, 206 - Torino - Italy, Sales Tax / VAT / Customs Duties: Included, All prices include sales tax, VAT or customs duties for all countries in the world. His scents are often heavy, heady and deeply complex, made with high quality ingredients. Copyright © 1998-2019, Raffaello NetworkAll rights reserved.

Notes: Labdanum, Castoreum, Civet, Musk, Cinnamon, Vanilla, Birch, Resins, Tonka Bean, Patchouli. Notes: Spices, Chestnut Accord, Guaiac Wood, Peru Balsam, Vanilla, Cashmeran. If you continue to browse this site we will assume that you are happy with it and you accept our Privacy Policy. There is something for everyone, particularly the perfume connoisseur who appreciates the different layers and nuances of every scent. Midnight Flowerbomb is an excellent winter fragrance for those women who want to smell intriguing and very alluring. Since its launch in 2003, thousands have fallen under the spell cast by creamy vanilla, heady orange blossom, sultry patchouli and, of course, lashings of sexy musk. Founded in 2000 by professional perfume evaluator and critic Frederic Malle, this perfume house is a result of generations of perfumery expertise. The Homages line features exclusive ingredients and a high concentration of natural oils; PentaChords, which emphasizes a “less is more” philosophy; Collectibles, a low-volume line featuring precious raw materials whose availability fluctuates from year to year. After weeks of researching and testing 93 of the most popular perfumes (and some not so popular), we’ve rounded up our list of the best women perfume in the world. Click here to subscribe Ventvenir and get the latest updates first. Copyright© SPH Magazines Pte Ltd. Co. Reg. Join our mailing list to receive the latest guides and reviews first. Perfume Review of Gilded by Libertine Fragrance. Consider this your inner Jeanne Moreau, gallivanting through the streets of Paris, bra-less in a man’s jumper and drawn-on moustache, with not one, but two, men at her side. The name says it and the juice doesn’t disappoint. If you are all about feeling like royalty, this is the niche brand for you. This is where niche perfume houses come into the picture. This sharp, woody fragrance laced with jasmine and magnolia oil evokes seedy Soho boudoirs in the most glorious possible way. Elixir des Merveilles is not just an endlessly charming perfume, but pure joy and happiness in a gorgeous bottle. These are the niche fragrance brands that you might never have heard of before but should totally get your noses on. You can also find and follow me on Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. Elixir des Merveilles is one of the best winter perfumes for women who want to find a fragrance that makes even the coldest and greyest day much brighter. Each scent is eerily realistic and natural smelling too. Iris and jasmine notes make this fragrance sound tender and dreamy, while sandalwood brings some creamy woody nuances.

Labdanum 18 is one of the best winter scents for those who want to smell unique, charming, and very enticing.

Did we mention how gorgeous the artwork on these bottle are? Employing the experienced and talented nose of Geza Schoen (creator of cult brand, Escentric Molecule) to create the 28 perfumes in their line, Ormonde Jayne has a versatile library of dense and effervescent perfumes. An elegant and memorable floral-aldehydic niche fragrance that captures the noble beauty of iris and violet on a woody-musky background. Everything Tom Ford has sex as an undertone, but if you want something less full-on than his classically sexy Black Orchid (from £59) and more sweetly seductive, this could be for you. Notes: Citruses, Lavender, Jasmine, Iris, Vanilla, Sandalwood. Must Try Scent : L’air Du Desert Morocain, Find It At :, Want to know the sexiest scent of all time.

Mon Guerlain is one of the best vanilla perfumes for women who want to smell charming, feminine, and in the most romantic way. No 196900476M. Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress. Notes: Lavender, Myrrh, Almond, Vanilla, Tonka Bean.

The note breakdown and scent composition are evocative of the stories told. DS & Durga is a relatively new niche fragrance house from the US, created by a male-female duo, DS & Kavi. In this fragrance, the freshness and bitter sweetness of orange peels are perfectly accompanied by delicious caramel and warm, exotically sweet resins and amber. Editions de Parfum Frédéric Malle. Black Orchid is a wonderful winter fragrance for those ladies who love to wear bright and opulent scents that impress everyone. Notes: Opoponax, Cognac, Geranium, Violet, Labdanum, Patchouli, Vanilla, Incense. Histoires de Parfums calls their fragrances volumes in a library of scents and you can collect a bunch to line them up like actual books. This is intended for men, but on a woman, the notes of vetiver, iris, incense and musk assume a sensual vegtal animality that’s highly spirited and deeply feminine all at the same time. An Australian perfume house that recently gained a lot of hype and recognition in the fragrance world, Fort & Manle will be a force to be reckoned with in years to come. With names like Rouge Assassin and L’enfant Terrible, they combine the French quirk with a host of heady notes to create interesting and luxurious scents.

We also share information about your use of our site with our advertising and analytics partners. Hailing from the UK, Penhaligon’s has been in the perfumery business circa 1870. Must Try Scent: Lyric Woman, Reflection Man. The most intense and long-lasting version of the famous Black Orchid perfume by Tom Ford, the master of the most provocative and luxurious fragrances. From Chanel to Tom Ford and Robert Piguet, we've rounded up 10 of the sexiest fragrances you can possibly own. An ultra luxurious niche fragrance brand from Oman, Amouage is almost always associated with impeccable quality and unrelenting potency. Incense brings a touch of mystery to this perfume, while a rich blend of woody notes makes it sound deep and expressive. By the Fireplace is an excellent winter fragrance for those who want to find a perfume that smells like the most special evenings by the fireplace with someone you love. Winter is already here, and it means that it’s the perfect time to surround yourself with warm and intense fragrances. The prices of each bottle may vary due to the number and quality of the ingredients that go inside it, but one thing’s for sure, you are paying for quality with this one. By Tatjana Freund. Instead, fragrances are often a reflection of our personalities and essentially an extension of ourselves. An editor of fragrance, as he affectionately calls himself, he has collaborated with Dominique Ropion, Maurice Roucel and more to create potent, creative and intoxicating scents with the best ingredients available in perfumery. Don't smell like everyone else. Iris Poudre is an excellent winter perfume for those who love exquisite and very sensual powdery scents. There is a scent for everyone! For instance, ‘Burning Barbershop’ tells an olfactory story of a fire that broke out in the Curling Bros. barbershop in Westlake, N.Y. in 1891. Notes: Truffle, Plum, Rum, Orchid, Ylang-Ylang, Patchouli. Designer houses are great for mass appealing fragrances that tend to garner compliments. A sumptuous and enveloping niche fragrance that features an expressive note of precious Agarwood wrapped in the warmth of spices and softness of rose and amber. But it isn’t a great to catch a whiff of someone on the street and realize that he/she is wearing the exact fragrance you have on. What you didn’t know is that Jovoy has their own line of fragrances and it is high-perfumery at its best! We use cookies to personalize content and ads and to analyze our traffic. You can find a character that best represents who you are and find the perfect scent fo you. 19 Amazing Niche Fragrance Houses That You’ve Never Heard Of, Find your ultimate signature scent that is uniquely you with these niche luxury fragrances. While they have a wide range of scent profiles in their range, each one is never too loud or brash, giving you the air of that French je ne sais quoi that we all want. Oo La Lab is most known for their perfume workshops that you can attend solo or with a group. With descriptions like "pure sex in a bottle" and "sweetly seductive", these musk-drenched scents are sure to get the juices flowing... Chanel's perfumes are, of course, some of the most classic around - but we particularly love the Mademoiselle version. Priding themselves in creating avant-garde scents, Etat Libre D’Orange is all about standing out. The juice is so strong that one needs to go easy on the trigger. Midnight Musk & Amber is a delicate yet sensual fragrance that features an enveloping blend of shimmeringly clean musk and lingering, warm amber. Chanel's perfumes are, of course, some of the most classic around - but we particularly love the Mademoiselle version. Niche Perfumes That'll Set You Apart From the Crowd. Today I’ll tell you about 15 best winter perfumes, one or more of which will keep you warm during cold winter days, together with your favorite cozy sweater and a cup of hot coffee.