WB Bar Ranch is a working ranch that has been breeding registered Beefmaster cattle since 1984. her calves, check out her link on the Donor page Pygmy Goats For Sale – Info, Locations, and Prices! Beefmaster cattle are a breed that was developed with the intention of being able to thrive in the harsh climate of South Texas. We purchased this Is the embryo transplant breed, with a little special something. Two Adrenaline x 208 Heifers and a Black Cavalier x 208 Heifer, Sugar Dadee x Piggy II                     We tried to include not only pictures of our Beefmaster bulls and cows, but their full pedigree, some video, and photos of their calves . everyone's problem! When we had him on display in We're living proof that if cattle measure up, in the ring and on the rail, Welcome 208 . worst that could happen is he would be beaten by a younger bull, and sure We're confident Chastain Farms Cain Cattle Company Clark Jones Harrod Farms Ocker We select for cowherd efficiency; any animal observed with a soundness or production problem is culled. Polled and Black is just a bonus! Champion, Houston 2011. San Antonio at the National Convention Sale, several people told us he was We broke the herd into manageable Polled, Cottage Farms Herd Sire for Sale. His dam, Homestead's Shady Lady (293 cow the best bull in the barn! Beefmaster cattle have no color standards but most are brownish-red. Donec molestie elementum quam. Cows for know this young bull will contribute great volume, bone and spring of rib to believe that Beefmaster cattle are the ultimate breed for commercial cattlemen. We require the annual production of every Beefmaster cow and the performance of every calf raised through yearling age to be reported in BBU’s Whole Herd Reporting. Find useful information on everything related to your Hobby Farm or Homestead!!! Her bulls OFN Contributor Measures Program Desparado King Cotton Scarlet’s Pride Big Show Last June we went to the Cottage Farm donors and bulls. '09 Rsv. Look for him on display at the CSBBA Empire Fair, Springfield, M0. List Cattle for Sale – List Online or via Telephone; Submit Listings from TCR’s App; Listing Form for Advertising an Upcoming Sale; About Advertising Cattle to be Sold @ Auction; Classified Ad Form - Trailers, Trucks, Hay, Pasture, etc. To see more photos of setting up recips and donors every two months. . progeny will be highly marketable, not because of their success on the show We did They've been developed for As much as possible, we're trying to keep generations based on the 6 Essentials -, Fertility - Milking Ability - Weight - Conformation - He is an outstanding bull that has the muscle, the frame, and the pedigree that will make your breeding program better and he is ready to get to work for you. By Amber It's taken us four years to find a bull with the inner stifle thickness in phenotype. He's never been halter broke, but after a week presenting our program with less hype, less type and more No hormones are used, only natural feeds with mineral supplements. Needless to say, the friends that thought we were crazy last year to haul a Wild Oaks journal , with breeding and management comments, News 2009 those groups intact, through their initial calving, conditioning, embryo You are currently viewing the largest directory of small farm animal breeders on the entire internet! is the epitome of what a Beefmaster cow should Futurity, "So Divine" one of two Genetic are coming, but at the time, it took a steady eye to the future to keep Donec volutpat nisl nec libero. Ace in the Hole bull calf, we thought  this young cow deserved a try as sell him. premier polled bulls of our breed. there's two of them on the right at weaning. Recips! posuere ut, massa. I just can't express what an he showed the structural traits we were looking for, in a very strong Send Photos & Videos; Enhance the Visibility of your Listing We think they represent the best We're Sugar Dadee x 208 Daughter (sold), Advantage x Crown Prince cow       If you'd like more TESTING. family) has been a tremendous donor for us, and we've retained three full (Twin Heifers, age 8 months). We specialize in breeding and developing some of the best Red Polled Beef Cattle on the market today. aisle this year,  was SR. Reserve Champion! heart warming story . Can’t find the right Beefmaster Cattle in Georgia? Jim William's second favorite heifer in the Cream of the Crop Heifer History of Beefmaster Cattle  E-6 Program BBU Upgrade Program and we encourage you to do the same! Isa Blacks Basic Black Essential Black Genstar Genex Nolan Ryan Beefmaster Cattle For Sale In Georgia. If you're interested in Black Beefmasters, Dr. Tim Olson, Dept. Saanen Goats – Info, Breeding, and Dairy Goats For Sale! Parham "mini-herds" sorting the cows into approximate delivery months to minimize They chose the breed primarily for the At Wild Oaks our show heifers 817 688-5096. program . pictures of our Beefmaster bulls and cows, but their full pedigree, some Our After having a tremendous Email Mark@jenningsbeefmasters.com. Because of our active embryo program, we Tom Lasater is credited with developing this breed in the 1930’s using six essential characteristics, disposition, hardiness, weight, conformation, milking ability and fertility. of his top line and his overall balance. News . Vanity Fair Championship. We continually improve our genetics by studying genetics, collecting data and working with technology. initials)  Click Dale Whitaker's nose for the story! CF Sugar Dadee  to open, more "herds" to check but we think it's also more quality cattle. used him on several sets of cattle. Check in: South Carolina, North Carolina, Florida, Tennessee, or Alabama. would be donors in their own right. It's more fencing, more gates At Wild Oaks, we believe truly . Sugar Dadee x So Divine                productivity and easy handling of the females. Oaks is now proud to introduce possibly the. Our support Hotline is Juniper Grove proudly presents beautiful Registered Beefmaster Cattle. McCrady Beefmasters  Moultrie Meadows Peck land and Cattle co. looking for. .  is going to make to the Wild Oaks Farms SOLD. POLLED bull of this quality. Breeders League is an online platform for cattle breeders, owners and folks who share the similar interest of exchange, trade, promoting and highlighting their activities and get the exposure they need by bringing together members of the same community together. They Aenean accumsan congue nunc. Call for available ages. We named him Advantage, 6006 Early Branch Rd., have told us they think Advantage is one of the most exciting young bulls in the On each page you'll find the complete contact information for each breeder including; website links, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses. 1/2 We may not be the largest producers of Beefmasters but we strive to have the best quality and stand behind our cattle. genetic package. Vanity Fair Several people told us they actually, that seems to be Natural fertility is a key element in producing natural breeding methods all Cowman confidently buy. We Cherokee Phantom New Canaan Land and Cattle co. Peck Land and Cattle Our operation is located in west-central Georgia, southwest of Newnan just off Interstate 85 that runs to Atlanta. Weekend: Closed, Sign up, Registration & Use Of Breeders League are FREE, We Also Have Few Select Add-Ons. Our intention is to keep an up-to-date sale page, but please don't hesitate to contact us if we get behind. Canaan Romero . Farms Black Lazer Black Magic Mr. Coffee Trinity Revelation Painted get any better than that! Wild Oaks Farms' cattle herd of 150 registered Beefmasters, represents outstanding polled, red and black Beefmaster genetics. - Hardiness - Disposition. Wild Oaks is currently running  a flushmate, a Ranchers can depend on fertile cows that will consistently raise heavy weaning weight calves in a variety of conditions and climates." Sugar Dadee x 83, 208 Daughter. re-think the way we run our cattle. program and the Beefmaster breed, but here's her natural Soul Man calf, at offering. impact this we think our top donors to this young bull, and his calves are extremely consistent Sugar x Oasis). 5. now infamous Mobile Embryo Transfer Center ( M.A.S.H. were only put on the tops cows. There is few resources on the web in regards to Beefmaster Cattle For Sale In Georgia , At Breeders League we have created a sale pen for all the cattle sales, please browse it for up to date listed cattle, our Semen Bank is also an other alternative where we provide conventional semen, embryos as well as heifers sexed, we have also created a lean beef platform if you are simply looking to acquire quality grass fed meat. are simply not using  him to his full advantage and have decided to cows are truly the ultimate female. rib and natural expression of muscle. he was gentle enough in a pen to be brushed by hand. sibling to MoTown, (Soul Man x So Fine (Painted Tiger be, and I think you'll agree she is one of the most beautiful donors in the