Not because it's amazing, IMO both games are good but not GREAT. They can also learn how to chain assassinations and perform extra-potent assassinations that require a long button-press but dole out double damage. Perhaps to a fault, Odyssey regularly pops up alerts about things you’re doing in the game.

Every region on Odyssey’s map has two numbers associated with it. There were ranged moves and stealth moves, but Bayek’s hidden blade was sometimes not a one-hit kill, which was a break from older games in the series. Don't get me wrong though, Origins is still an amazing game.

And even as you kill mercenaries and move up the tier ranking, new mercenaries will emerge.

Both eschew many of the trappings of the 10 major Assassin’s Creed games that preceded them. There are more gear slots. Advantage Origins! My backlog is bananas already, with Origins roughly 25% complete after 15 hrs. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Odyssey makes that kind of leveling mandatory, though it handles it differently depending on whether you’re playing on normal or hard difficulty. Powerful mercenaries populate the game’s world. It is a huge upgrade from origins. I realize this is the most ‘first world problem’ of comments, anyone else exhausted from the thought of another 80 hr open world action game? Origins is the far better game imo Plus i love bayek and honestly dont like kassandra/alexios. They’re math-driven, loot-heavy games, with more of an evident Diablo or Destiny influence. Enter a level six zone at character-level six and then improve to seven, and any level six quests you grabbed in that region become level seven quests, complete with tougher enemies. It might have to do with the fact that i'm greek but i just enjoyed odyssey a bit more than origins. Odyssey.

While the game explored the origins of the Assassin’s Order, it did little with the series’ modern day lore other than to introduce Layla Hassan.

If you’re playing on hard or nightmare, the quests will, at most, linger one or zero levels behind you. Odyssey is better in some places like overall combat, the cultist and mercenary systems, the skill tree, the customization, but overall it just has too much bloat. You can’t assassinate targets in a single strike by default, and there’s no mini-map to guide players.

Origins’ creation was led by Ubisoft Montreal and a creative leadership who had last worked on Black Flag.

Otherwise, in Odyssey I've sinked more than 110 hours with 97% of completion and aiming for the 100% AND starting a new game+ after that.

Exploration mode is a much more satisfying way to play, though Odyssey still displays a prompt to switch to your eagle when you’re finally near your objective. Those engravings are basically weapon perks and they match the kind of actions that unlock them.

Even though both games are actually very good, I have to choose Odyssey. Inevitably, mercenaries will confront you, barking taunts as they do. However of the two newer games I think I prefer Orgins.

Odyssey slices things up differently, with a structure that feels a shade more like Destiny or other games meant to offer players reasons to turn the game on regularly.

There are main Odyssey quests, and then below those, major side-quests classified as “world” or “character” missions. dangerous words in the world full of ubisoft haters :D but yes, combat pretty good for action rpg.

If you’re in a region and start leveling up, the quests in that region will level up with you.

However, the game recommends players try the superior Exploration mode, which does not mark the map when players get a new quest.

No more that weird parry stance you had to do in Origin or combo stuff. You can’t turn that off, a Ubisoft rep confirmed to me, since players testing the game would sometimes lose track of their objective. Oddysey has the best melee combat in any rpg.

Instead, players must rely on textual clues about where to go. I think AC:Origins is better simply because AC:Odyssey is lesser than AC:Origins.

Pretty much it... :/.

On rare occasion, you could also play as Bayek’s wife, Aya, often in naval missions that aped the feel of the grand ship combat in Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. (I should've clarified Im on a base ps4, sorry). There are hosts of other similarities and differences between Odyssey and Origins, including some that’d spoil the new game.

A patch enabled players to make enemies scale up in difficulty as they did.

It had much more polish, better characters, better main story, the better graphics, combat isn't always a hassle because everyone doesn't eat damage, and there are a lot of small details in Origins that Odyssey didn't have (fire with smoke effects, shooting arrows out of haystacks, etc).

I was just playing origins today again and the combat system is sooooo wonky. A new weapon-engraving system also rewards focusing how you play. Editor-in-Chief. Black Flag was widely considered the best AC game for a while and Rogue is pretty much a re-skin of Black Flag except with a unique story.

When I returned for my reward, I found my quest-giver besieged by enemies. Different tools and bows, rather than just demi god powers. Odyssey offers more types of quests. Those who liked Origins’ heavily assisted navigation can opt to keep it via a gameplay option called Guided Mode.