Getting a waiver following an aggravated felony is extremely difficult. So, this post will show you when you need to file the I-212 waiver after deportation or removal. For example, she was recently invited to speak as a migration expert at a conference in the Caribbean. QUESTION: I have been deported by UKBA: am I eligible to apply for legal entry after 3 months? However, all other people applying through the family-based system must go abroad and apply for their immigrant visa at a U.S. consulate in a procedure known as “consular processing.” The adult children and siblings of U.S. citizens, as well as the spouses and children of LPRs, must leave the country to get their green cards, whether they initially entered on a legal visa or not. She cautiously began to think ahead to the holidays, a time when her entire family gathers—a time she aches for. Until that point, she thought of her life as limited. Depending on the length of time an undocumented immigrant spends in the U.S. without authorization, federal authorities impose either a three- or 10-year bar on their ability to return to the United States. Within four days of each other, Landa and Uribe were deported under the Obama administration in September 2009. Here’s what you need to know, Kenyan born entrepreneur wins most Influential Leader of the Year Award in London, Government urged to grant amnesty to all irregular immigrants who have been in UK for 10 years, Romanian now the second most common non-UK nationality – ONS. But what really got to Uribe was her niece, who says she wanted to see her this year. The cop who apprehended her transferred her to the custody of immigration authorities, triggering a process that would lead to Uribe’s deportation and 10-year bar from the United States. “There’s this expectation from others that there’s no problem now, like I can just go back to my old life.” But even if she could, she doesn’t want to. Conference organizers asked Landa whether she had a U.S. visa so that she could make a connecting flight in the United States. Formerly, she was a senior reporter covering immigration at Rewire.News. The Mexican consulate employee assigned to Uribe was friendly, but once the woman saw Uribe’s deportation record, Uribe says, her entire demeanor changed. Her hope for the New Year is that she can root herself somewhere, as it’s been years since she felt a sense of home and belonging. There is no "typical" case for reentry, nor any specific eligibility criteria you need to meet. Publishes Quarterly in February, May, August, and November. After someone is deported, they’ll need to request permission from USCIS to apply for a visa or green card. All Rights Reserved. The dynamics of the border are not good for her mental health, Landa says, especially because she works in the field of migration and she’s constantly dealing with the politics that surround the border.

Much of her energy is being funneled into helping other displaced people, including a self-help guide she consulted on for people post-deportation.