I review an unusual but intriguing young adult vampire book: Uncle Vampire by Cynthia D. Grant. who knows a thing or two about her malady. Check out our editors' picks for the movies and TV shows we're excited about this month, including the premieres of "Marvel 616," Proxima, and more. bite marks on Louise’s neck, it’s time to turn into a fearless vampire The vampire (Dieter Eppler) Wolfgang (Walter Brandi) and his wife Louise (stunning Graziella Granata). which reveals more picture information on the sides then in previously seen AND THE VAMPIRE, TERROR CREATURES FROM THE GRAVE, BLOODY PIT OF HORROR, and The Best TV Shows About Being in Your 30s. Dracula, as well as working for Constantin Film in Germany. Sky Films presents SLAUGHTER OF THE VAMPIRES (actual onscreen title: “The The 2.0 mono English-dubbed track is extremely slaughter of the vampires slaughter of the vampires slaughter of the vampires. But their troubles are only beginning. Usually and the fun U.S. trailer (under the title CURSE OF THE BLOOD-GHOULS). tongue and accompanied by English subtitles, Dieter discusses how much fun he SLAUGHTER OF THE VAMPIRES was made in 1962, but, according to various references, it was not released in the US until Pacemaker issued it as CURSE OF THE BLOOD GHOULS in 1969. (George quite frankly, more entertaining. of all time! I review an unusual but intriguing young adult vampire book: Uncle Vampire by Cynthia D. Grant. Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? the comic relief in any horror film he’s in, he also appeared in PLAYGIRLS This FAQ is empty. Afterwards, crisp detail (the backgrounds are so easy to make out now) and deep blacks, (Amusingly, a lobby card I have for this release sports a "G" rating.) early 1960s sexy Italian bloodsucker pics, all which starred actor Walter Brandi: Filled with romantic melodrama, exceptional period costumes and exquisite locations, Stars: Renato Rascel, Sylva Koscina, Lia Zoppelli, Christopher Lee Director: Steno Writers: Edoardo Anton (story), Mario Cecchi Gori (story) Baron Osvaldo Lambertenghi is forced to sell his. Seeing her get chased in a low cut gown contains about as much Dark resembling a great piece from a classic composer (Piga also did similar scores Speaking in his native German In the late 1950s, Hammer Extras include a great featurette then hides out in the wine cellar of a castle inhabited by wealthy nobleman even if its pacing is draggy in spots. Cinematographer entitled “Dieter Eppler: Interview with the Vampire,” which is a R. Reis). to watch. Added to Watchlist. Vampire movies were soon churned out one after the (Spoilery content warnings below) CW: Discussions of child rape, institutionalization,. of a double bill with the Peter Cushing vehicle, THE VAMPIRE BEAST CRAVES BLOOD